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At Chubb, we have the products, services and financial security to manage the different property risks you face around the world.


Incidents can happen anytime. It’s crucial to have an innovative and flexible cover on your side, with superior solutions to help improve your risk management and loss prevention strategies.

Financial Lines

Chubb can take care of the potential liabilities faced by your organisation and its management, so you can take care of business.


From data breaches, electronic thefts, denial of service attacks and even simple employee errors make mitigating cyber risk an issue for every organisation. Chubb’s customisable solutions offer the protection and support you need.


Our history in providing marine insurance around the world makes us experts in customisable transportation risk solutions for a variety of ocean and inland marine risks.

Energy & Power

Whether you operate a gas pipeline or supply equipment to a nuclear power plant, there’s a unique solution to address the specific risks you face.


Whether you are a developer, a contractor or a subcontractor, our broad range of innovative risk management solutions can be tailored to the types of risks that affect your business.


Our broad, specialised environmental insurance coverage can help protect your company against a variety of risks.

Corporate Accident & Health

Chubb can cover your business and your employees with simple and affordable insurance.

Solutions & Services

We offer a range of value-added services and customised solutions for that added advantage to meet various needs.

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