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More than ever before, the power generation industry requires the protection of dependable and proven loss prevention and risk management strategies. As a global leader in providing property all risks insurance for the industry, Chubb connects you to experts who both understand your unique needs and focus on client relationships to serve you better.

Coverage Highlights

Market specialisation

  • Major power generators (steam and gas)
  • Gas turbines
  • Nuclear power
  • Co-generation wind power hydro-electric distribution


  • Covers physical assets as well as business interruption
  • Cover flexibly combines a property all risks cover with machinery breakdown cover for complete protection
  • Coverage is broad in scope
  • Limits are typically high
  • Engineering and risk management consultation available
  • Focus on building tripartite relationships with clients and brokers for better service

Are you interested in purchasing Chubb Power & Utilities Insurance for your company? Please contact an Insurance Broker in the first instance. Brokers can enquire with Chubb by using the ‘Contact Us’ form available below or by calling their local Chubb office.

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