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Help your valued life insurance clients obtain all the property and casualty coverage they need—to help you enhance long-lasting relationships and to make sure the complex financial plan you put in place is protected against property and casualty exposures.

Expertise Matters

Connect your clients with experts who have in-depth property and casualty experience to give them the most complete, detailed and customized advice.

In Their Own Words: The Value of Working with Experts

This P&C agent and trust and estate attorney consistently work with the same clients. Watch their story to see how and why.

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Know The Gaps

Over a third of financially successful clients expect their advisors to be proactive.1 Your efforts can go a long way to help identify their problem areas.

1 “The Value of Premium Wealth Management” CFA Institute, 2017


Understand Risk

Get a quick understanding of important key facts to help you and your clients put property and casualty risk into real-world perspective.

Did you know?

Real Examples of Risk*

*Whether and to what extent a particular loss is covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss and the actual coverage of the policy as issued.

Additional Resources

Get more perspective on today’s risks from articles in Think Advisor.

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Resources for You and Your Clients

Help your clients identify their specific risk problem areas with an assessment tool and a full range of checklists across property and casualty insurance.

Protection Outlook Tool

One of the best ways for you and your clients to understand their situation with property and casualty coverage is to begin to get a profile of their exposure to risk. Help them assess with this easy discovery tool.

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Help isolate the gaps in property and casualty insurance with our easy-to-use checklists

Annual Checklist

As your client's situations in life change, so do their insurance needs. This comprehensive checklist can help them fine-tune their needs with an annual review.

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Checklists By Topic

Perhaps your clients only need to review information for specific areas; we have you covered. Review with them or share to let them assess.

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When Trusts and LLCs Hold Assets:
The Hidden Risks

The intersection of trusts, LLCs and insurance can be a no-man's land. Learn more.

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(Frequently Not Asked Questions)

Property and casualty insurance policies are not created equal. Here are a host of key questions most insurers are not going to ask across homeowner, valuable articles, replacement cost, auto, personal liability and other important risk areas. Get educated. Help your clients today.

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Why Should You Work with an Independent Agent?

People with complex finances require coverage that fully protects.

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Why Not All Property & Casualty Companies are the Same

Why an insurer's philosophy is just as important as their policy.

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Meet Our Experts


Aaron Hertsgaard

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Partnerships Manager for New York and Northeast Regions at Chubb Personal Risk Services

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Aaron Hertsgaard develops and cultivates connections with centers of influence—devoted advisors to successful families and individuals. His attention to strategic development, communications strategy, brand-building, alignment of regional marketing staff and regional event sponsorships have sparked engagement with agents and brokers. In his 12 years at Chubb, he has grown and retained $75 million in gross written premium at the Dallas branch and has served as a marketing specialist and sales support manager. Aaron has a CAPI designation from the Wharton School of Business.

Specialty Experts

Please reach out to one of our specialty experts if you would like to learn more about our capabilities or if you would simply like to ask them a question related to their area of expertise.

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Laura Doyle

Vice President, Collections Manager at Chubb Personal Risk Services

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Laura Doyle has over 10 years of experience creating tailored risk management solutions for private collectors. In addition to developing collections education for agents, brokers and wealth advisors nationwide, she underwrites collections of fine art, wine and collectibles, and consults on assessment, display, transit, storage, museum loans and disaster planning. She has a certificate in appraisal studies of fine and decorative arts from New York University and a CAPI designation from the Wharton School of Business.


Kate Norris

Vice President, Family Office Practice Leader at Chubb Personal Risk Services

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With more than 18 years of industry experience, Kate focuses on personal insurance for successful clients—specifically, family office clients. She has developed an established track record working with family offices and is responsible for collaborating with independent agents and brokers to develop strategic opportunities that meet the unique needs of their valued family office clients.

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