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Protect your home from flood damage

As sea levels rise, extreme and devastating weather-related events, like flooding, are affecting more and more people. At Chubb, we look for ways to do more for our clients, like offering flood insurance products and services to help protect clients from this common and devastating risk. 


Floods, or any extreme weather event, can happen anywhere, whether you live in an ocean front property, near a lake or river, or somewhere inland. Though not always top of mind, it is important to understand that the risk of flood damage is real.

Clients can get up to $15 million in total property coverage for their home and contents.*

For your basement we will automatically cover possessions like televisions, pool tables and exercise equipment, up to $15,000.

We’ll provide up to $7,500 for a temporary residence, meals, and other expenses if our clients can’t live in their home during repairs.

We’ll replace property and possessions (up to your policy’s limit) without deduction for depreciation, in the event of a covered loss.

*This exceeds the $250,000 limit for homes and $100,000 limit for contents offered by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Did you know?
Did you know?

Understanding risk

Even if your clients don’t live near water, protecting their home from unexpected flooding is important. A homeowner’s policy isn’t enough, which is why we provide the added protection they need with a separate flood policy.

Flood is the most common and devastating natural disaster in the U.S.*
Counties in the U.S. that have experienced flooding*
Average total annual flood claims playments bu the NFIP from 2009-2018*
Average Chubb flood claims payout †




† Chubb Personal Risk Services Flood Claims since 2014


10 reasons to consider Chubb Flood Insurance

Comprehensive protection
Comprehensive protection

Why choose Chubb for your clients’ flood coverage

Our broad coverage includes flood, mudslides, sewer backup, and underground water, with limits as high as $15 million for home and contents, with more for basements.

We’ll reimburse your clients for up to $5,000 to safely move your valuable belongings out of a flood warning area, or to safeguard their home from an imminent flood.

In 98% of all Chubb claims, our Claims Adjusters make contact within six hours or less of the initial report. They have the authority to pay claims but can’t deny a claim without a manager’s approval.

A full 97% of Chubb clients who have had a claim paid are highly satisfied with their experience. That’s because we do more -- like paying up to $7,500 for a place to stay while renovations are happening.