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Accessibility Is Beautiful

Many successful families are planning to age in place, but are not anticipating the need for accessibility modifications to their home. However, disability from aging, disease, or an unexpected injury is more prevalent than people realize - yet most are not prepared to make adjustments to their living space.

With this NEW Accessibility Consultation service from Chubb, we’ve trained a team of experts in the U.S. and Canada in universal design who can advise you on how to update your home while maintaining its value and beauty.

Our research revealed a growing need for expertise and advice when it comes to universal design and accessibility – including how to make changes safely while also protecting the home’s value and its beauty. We always look for ways to do more for our clients, and now our experts are ready to help you plan for your future, as well as help your family if the unexpected happens.

Our new Accessibility Consultation service: This complimentary NEW service is available to existing Chubb clients who are thinking of making changes to their homes to be more accessible. A trained expert will come to the home and advise on how to make the home more accessible while preserving the natural beauty and charm of the home. We will advise on how to ensure safety and minimize potential liability. Done right, accessibility can be beautiful! And while Chubb won’t be paying for or performing the actual renovations, we will put you in touch with skilled experts who can.

Watch what we found through our research.

Leading the way

Learn why universal design is a growing and important topic.

Beautiful and functional

Our new service will provide you with advice and insights to make your home accessible.

A new partnership

See why Chubb partnered with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

For our agents and brokers

Discover why it's important to be ready for these emerging issues.

Still interested in more?
Still interested in more?

Discover universal design straight from the experts through our Universal Home Look Book, quick tips, and research findings.