Accessibility is Beautiful - For Our Agents and Brokers

For Our Agents and Brokers

The research shows that most people don’t think they’ll need to modify their home for their changing life, but the need for universal design and accessibility is growing. This emerging topic gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself by building an expertise that can help families with special needs and those who want to age at home.

Building this expertise will add new capabilities to your agency and provide even greater service to clients through all stages of life – including the unexpected. This capability will not only bring a much needed service to the marketplace, but it can also serve as a driver of new business growth.

For details of this new service click here and ask your local Chubb team to get started.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Top 5 Questions to Ask Top 5 Questions to Ask
Top 5 Questions to Ask

How to determine your client's accessibility needs.

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Discover universal design straight from the experts through our Universal Home Look Book, quick tips, and research findings.

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Agents and brokers are vital to Chubb’s success. To help you grow faster and more efficiently, we’ve created resource centers, tools, and programming you can use, and are actively investing in research and partnering with industry experts to share with you the best ways to understand and work with successful families and individuals.

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