Beautiful and Functional

Beautiful and Functional

Chubb is here to guide you through making big decisions about your home such as renovations and modifications. Now we will be leading the way in a new expertise. We’ll be sharing insights and guidance on accessibility and universal design so that you can be prepared to modify your home.

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Your Home, More Accessible

Our expert shares the top features to consider when modifying or purchasing your home.

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When it Happens to You

For Paul Leichtle, a Chubb employee, this isn’t just a new service. Hear Paul and his wife Chanda’s personal story about how accessibility affects their daily lives.

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NEW Chubb Accessibility Consultation Service

To help you prepare for the unexpected or to age in place, we’ve trained a team of experts in the US and Canada in ways to upgrade your home for accessibility including exterior features, interior updates, and safety and security. This complimentary NEW Accessibility Consultation service is available to existing Chubb clients who are thinking of making changes to their homes to be more accessible.

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Get Answers

Our team is ready to respond when you have a question about how to make your home more accessible and how it will affect your coverage. A trained expert will come to the home and advise on how to make the home more accessible while preserving the natural beauty and charm of the home. Done right, accessibility can be beautiful!

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Guidance and Resources

We will help you prepare to age in place or handle an unexpected, life-changing experience that requires accessibility updates to your home. While Chubb won’t be paying for or performing the actual renovations, we will put you in touch with skilled experts who can help you make the changes needed while maintaining the beauty and value of your home.

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Stay Safe

Our team can evaluate your home and provide guidance regarding property protection, ensuring personal safety and minimizing potential liability. Everything from fire and security alarm systems, to Internet of Things technology, and standard home mechanical systems.

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Discover universal design straight from the experts through our Universal Home Look Book, quick tips, and research findings.

Grow With Us

Agents and brokers are vital to Chubb’s success. To help you grow faster and more efficiently, we’ve created resource centers, tools, and programming you can use, and are actively investing in research and partnering with industry experts to share with you the best ways to understand and work with successful families and individuals.