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Leading the way in Universal Design

You may be considering home modifications, but are probably not thinking about how to make sure your home can accommodate your evolving lifestyle. Yet, in the blink of an eye your life could change. You or a family member could have an accident or illness, or suddenly need to care for an aging parent. Or you could have different needs in a few decades. You may not think this will affect your family, but the numbers might surprise you.

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Leading the way

Chubb has invested in research to better understand universal design trends and has developed a new service to deliver solutions to you.

The research
The research

Our learnings

We conducted a nationwide survey to help us understand how successful families and individuals feel about making modifications to their home and how prepared they are to do so in case of a sudden need. We learned:


  • How prepared they feel to make their home more accessible
  • If they’d be interested in having an advisor help them navigate these changes
  • What impact these modifications would have on their home’s beauty and value

What we found

The results show that successful families and individuals are not anticipating the need for accessibility modifications to their home nor are they prepared to make their home accessible quickly, but 78% would find value in consulting an expert for advice when the time comes.

Over half of successful families and individuals are concerned about accessibility changes negatively affecting the natural beauty of the home and 55% believe it would diminish the home’s value.

More common than you think
More common than you think

Accessibility needs are more common than you think. Most families aren’t ready to accommodate a disability in the home.

of successful families and individuals definitely plan to live in their homes as they get older
of people have a probability of severe disability over the age of 55*
of those aged 55-64 were not prepared when they needed to provide care for a family member who became disabled
of people would have to make changes to their homes to accommodate someone with a disability

Universal Homes Look Book

Sponsored by Chubb and created by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, this 30-page booklet developed by experts in universal design will give you tips and renovation secrets to get you started in making your home truly accessible. Whether you're starting small or going all-in with a whole-home renovation, this will help you start conversations with your architect to get the most out of your project. This look book features ideas on making your home accessible while staying beautiful.

Still interested in more?
Still interested in more?

Discover universal design straight from the experts through our Universal Home Look Book, quick tips, and research findings.