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You have a deep understanding of your business. Shouldn't you expect the same of the company you entrust to protect it? At Chubb, we employ some of the most experienced claims professionals across a wide range of industries. Our teams bring to the relationship a deep understanding of each industry, as well as a commitment to go above and beyond to understand the specifics of your business's culture, assets and risks. We'll work proactively to prevent or mitigate any damage. But rest assured, should you suffer an unexpected event or lawsuit, we'll be ready—working as hard for your business as you do.

Some of the industries we serve

Below is just a sampling of some of the industries we serve.

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Life Sciences
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Lines

Aerospace Claims Services

From hangars and control towers to commercial airports and satellites, the aerospace industry is as vast as the skies themselves. And more parts mean more exposure. That's why having the right partner to turn to before, during and after an unexpected event is of the utmost importance. Should you have to file a claim, know that our experienced Aerospace Claims Team will be there for you every step of the way to help you navigate the process.

Our world-class Aerospace Claims Team provides service and support for our two active aviation groups in North America:

  • Airport & Special Risks provides claims coverage and support for a broad range of losses that occur at airports of any size or scope:
    • Landside claims as a result of accidents on the premises
    • Airside claims caused by faulty aircraft operations, runway/taxiway defects, or problems with clear zones or hangar storage
    • Claims related to problems with aerospace products such as fuel, food and parts
    • Completed operation claims that deal with maintenance, serving, loading, movement or aircrafts
    • Physical damage and liability claims for public use of aircraft (fixed and rotary) including UAVs and limited non-critical product liability
    • Air-traffic control liability claims for FAA-contracted towers 
  • Satellites includes physical damage and performance coverage claims for satellites during launch and while in orbit

Our knowledge and support also extends to claims related to our two lines of business, including:

  • Business Aviation
    • Claims resulting from physical damage and liability for general aviation aircraft (excluding Airline Equipment FAA Part 121) and non-critical aerospace products on a 100% insured basis
    • Claims for Australian-based aircraft (AAIG) and small airports (FAA Part 77), fixed base operators, and service providers (maintenance facilities, parts sales, etc.).
  • Quota Share Airline Physical Damage and Liability/Manufacturers Product Liability
    • Quota Share Risk of Major Airlines (FAA Part 121) and major product manufacturers (Boeing, MDC, GE, ABC, etc.).
    • Limited airport premises liability claims for large exposure accounts and excess/reinsurance liability claims on a quota share basis

Benefits of Chubb Aerospace Claims Services:

  • Team experience that is unparalleled in the industry, including
    • 15 years of experience on average for each team member
    • Commercial IFR-rated pilot
    • Air carrier fueling
    • Airport and flight operations
    • Deep Part 77 and Part 139 airport CGL experience throughout the U.S. and its territories

Agriculture Claims Services

Agriculture is a big part of the fabric of our country. Protecting it is part of the fabric of our company. At Chubb, we are committed to supporting every aspect of the agriculture and agribusiness industry. Whether it's market fluctuations, weather conditions, natural disasters or other unexpected factors that wreak havoc on your livelihood, you'll breathe a little easier knowing that our exceptional claims service and support will get you back on your feet in no time. So you can go on providing the resources that feed and fuel your family—and the world.

  • Quick, thorough response by our experienced claims department empowers clients to manage their risks, recover from loss and get back to business
  • Experienced Ag Claims Team that includes two claim Managers and eight claim professionals each with a minimum of 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Access to our national network of vendors after a loss, including independent adjusters, engineers, agronomists, millwrights, forensic accountants and defense attorneys— all of whom specialize in ag claims and have met our stringent quality standards
  • Access to Rain and Hail Crop Adjusting Network for claims involving crop damage and yield loss
  • Simple and convenient claim reporting options:
    • For Ranch Claims:
    • For Commercial Agribusiness Claims:
      • Call 800.233.8347
      • Fax claims to 570.822.2165
      • To learn more about Chubb Agribusiness, click here

Construction Claims Services

The nature of the construction industry lends itself to increased risk. Whether you or one of your employees is harmed by an environmental issue or pollutant while on the job or by a work-related accident, you want to make sure that you protect yourself and your workers by filing a claim as soon as possible.

What makes the Chubb claims process unique?

  • Support and guidance every step of the way from initial claim filing through resolution from your dedicated claims representative who will be your single point-of-contact
  • Experienced and knowledgeable construction claims team with
    • Expertise in investigation, litigation and resolution strategies of third-party personal injury and property damage construction claims
    • Backgrounds in claim handling, legal and/or construction risk
    • Knowledge of the unique nature of construction claims throughout the country 
  • Specialty environmental claims experts who have:
    • Experience and understanding of how to deal with environmental construction claims
    • Backgrounds in legal, insurance and/or environmental engineering
    • Ability to achieve superior results for our clients on personal remediation-related claims or on third-party claims as a result of poor environmental conditions
  • Specialized workers compensation claims experts who provide:
    • Technical expertise to address claims dealing with workers compensation construction issues
    • Specialized oversight of direct-handle claims administrators, enabling mitigation of exposure and timely, cost-effective claim resolutions whenever possible
    • 18 years of complex claims management experience on average
    • Guidance and direction, including recommendations for physicians, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, case managers, home care, pharmacy management, medical equipment and more following an injury
  • Collaborative approach to managing legal costs and reaching the best possible outcome—all in a timely manner
  • Chubb Environmental Incident Alert is a complimentary program from Spill Center, Inc. that is designed to assist Chubb Environmental Risk clients. Benefits of the program include:
    • An easy platform to file a claim 24/7/365, obtain contractor information, access regulatory reporting information and communicate with your claims representative
    • Access to a database of more than 3,500 response contractors
    • Assistance with federal, state and local regulatory reporting (available for a separate fee
    • Response coordination assistance from Chubb Environmental Risk
    • To learn more about Chubb's construction business, please click here

Life Sciences Claims Services and Support

Life sciences is a high-risk, high-reward industry. Our goal is to help minimize the risk and maximize the reward for your company, your employees and the countless people who rely on your devices, your products, and your services each and every day. Our Life Science Claims Team is made up of some of the most experienced claims handlers in our industry. But more importantly, they're also the most experienced in your industry. Because we know we're not just protecting businesses, we're protecting lives. 

What makes the Chubb Life Sciences Claims Team unique?

  • More than 25 years of experience as a leader in offering property and casualty insurance protection to the life sciences industry
  • A dedicated team of senior claims representatives who exclusively handle life science claims, so they have a deep understanding of your specialized business
  • Specialized life sciences experience handling claims for clients in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nutraceuticals, medical devices and equipment, and healthcare and for other life sciences companies
  • Financial stability and our ability to pay claims rate among the best in the insurance industry according to the leading rating services:
    • Standard & Poor's (AA)
    • Moody's
    • A.M. Best Company (A++)
  • Litigation expertise you won't find with another insurance company that is the culmination of:
    • Life-long specialized training that includes ongoing training and seminars that keep our litigators current on the issues impacting the industry
    • Jurisdictional knowledge that encompasses judges, jury pools, verdicts and plaintiffs' counsel
    • A thorough understanding of how to obtain the best possible outcome through appropriate trial preparation, settlement negotiations and motion practice
    • Partnership with local counsel that leverages regional appeal and helps us successfully assert our defenses and litigate lawsuits
  • Simple and convenient claim reporting:
    • Contact Don Ziemann, VP Claim Leader, Life Science Claims
    • Call 470.415.5465
    • Email
    • To learn more about Chubb's Life Sciences business, click here

Real Estate & Hospitality Specialized Claims Service

There are inherent risks that that come with owning and operating a commercial property, warehouse, casino, luxury resort or hospitality property. No one understands the potential exposures and liabilities better than Chubb. When a loss occurs, time and experience are of the utmost importance. Our dedicated claims specialists get to work the moment your loss is reported, quickly analyzing the situation, collaborating with our risk engineering and underwriting teams and pulling in outside experts from our vast worldwide network to quickly and carefully come to the best resolution.

What makes the Chubb Real Estate and Hospitality Team unique?

  • A dedicated Claims Business Consultant (CBC) who will be your single point of contact and coordinate communications between your Chubb claims team and any third-party administrators throughout your claims process. 
  • Industry-leading technical expertise provided by our dedicated Real Estate and Hospitality Adjusting Unit. Our specialists bring collective experience in handling the intricacies and nuances of these types of claims.
  • Specialized Claims Handlers including loss adjusters, forensic experts and engineers—all of whom can be quickly mobilized and briefed whenever and wherever in the world the loss occurs.
  • Complete access and communications at every stage of the claims process to ensure that all expectations are understood and everyone is working toward a common goal that results in timely and optimal solutions.
  • Prompt settlement and timely payments can be the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. Following a loss, we use cash flow models and timely interim payments to ensure that funds are provided when and where they're needed. 
  • Ongoing education occurs both organically and in a structured environment at Chubb. Our claims specialists are constantly gathering information and intelligence to understand trends, work with clients to implement preventative measures and hold post-loss debriefs to develop risk profiles and improved premium spend for our clients.

Financial Lines Claims Services

Financial and professional services are more vulnerable today than ever before. With the constant threat of litigation looming over the industry and claims coming in from every angle, it may be hard to focus on your clients—or your business. That's where we come in. Should your company get hit with a lawsuit, our experienced and knowledgeable claims team will step in on your behalf to provide timely and innovative solutions that will protect your business, your employees and your reputation. We'll handle all the details of your claim, so you can get back to focusing on the details of your business.

  • Worldwide claims handling capability with the goal of bringing every claim to an early resolution and providing the very best outcome for our clients
  • Support and service for highly specialized claims, including Fidelity Claims:
    • Extensive experience handling bond claims worldwide for a variety of clients, including banks, investment advisers, asset managers, brokers/dealers and insurance companies
    • More than 75 years of collective experience with many of our 10 team members having law and/or accounting backgrounds and extensive experience in handling the nuances of multiple coverage policies
    • Dedicated Fidelity Claims and Recovery Teams that exclusively handle Fidelity claims and can walk you through every step from initial filing of the claim to submitting proof and final resolution, keeping you apprised of the status along the way 
  • Proactive and responsive service that includes candid dialogues with our clients so that we may identify any issues or vulnerabilities early and resolve claims in a timely manner
  • A dedicated claims professional who will be a single point-of-contact and seamlessly manage all aspects of the claims process (assigned for larger clients) 
  • Worldwide network of experts, including legal counsel, adjusters and accountants who we can call upon as needed to supplement our Financial Lines Claims Team