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Chubb Mobile - Online Account and Account-Related Information Deletion

The Chubb Mobile application may store certain items of your Chubb account-related information. To delete this information from the application, you must delete the application by following the steps described here for iOS or Android. This action will delete any account-related information stored in this application but will not delete your Chubb account and will not terminate your Chubb policy. 

Deleting this application will not rescind or alter any prior consent given to receive electronic communications from Chubb. You may request additional account information deletion in accordance with Chubb’s privacy policy by submitting an online account deletion request for the Chubb Client Portal and Chubb Mobile here.  Requests to delete online account take up to 5 business days to process.

After deleting this application you may communicate with Chubb and your insurance agent or broker by phone, email or mail.