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You Say Insurance, We Say...

Choose a career with real-life impact

Our job is to be there when clients need us most, helping people and businesses return to normal when things go wrong. And now, we're deploying new technology to anticipate risks so we can help to prevent losses from ever happening in the first place.

We value the contribution and talents of each and every Chubb employee, and we're dedicated to working together to reach our goals.


Make a meaningful difference

Insurance keeps people and businesses moving forward with confidence. We’re there for our clients anytime, anywhere, helping them navigate obstacles, and picking them up when losses occur. We work to provide greater confidence and certainty in an often uncertain world.


It's our responsibility

We work to protect our planet and assist those less fortunate — by helping people live healthier and more productive lives, and by promoting the rule of law.

With you, Chubb is better

You may be surprised how often the exact person we're looking for looks a lot like you. Chubb is interested in hiring all sorts of people with a wide range of working styles, experiences and backgrounds. See for yourself!

Then click below to browse all our open positions, to see where you might fit in.