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Chubb multinational customers can go — and grow — wherever business takes them.

Chubb offers an unparalleled scope of coverage worldwide, including a deep and experienced team dedicated to ensuring smooth operation of each client’s multinational program, locally and globally.



Chubb Multinational Insurance and Service

How we bring the world to our customers

Global Risk Spotlights

As part of our commitment to helping clients elevate multinational risk management, Chubb has launched an ongoing series of advisories spotlighting key issues that impact exposures, compliance and coverage worldwide.

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Navigating the Nuances of DIC/DIL Clauses

These common features bring consistency to global coverage, but knowing their limitations is critica

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Understanding Opportunities in Global Accident & Health Insurance

In order to meet obligations to employees traveling in today’s world, many multinationals are migrating to a new paradigm in travel accident protection . 

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Building A Better Multinational Property Program

Answers to these six questions will help ensure a property program will fully respond, as expected, worldwide.

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5 Challenges of Multinational Environmental Risks

From dynamic regulations to surprise coverage gaps, environmental risks must be managed with a full understanding of potential challenges worldwide.

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Local D&O Policies Merit Special Consideration

Ensuring individual directors and officers are properly insured requires careful planning and regular assessment of changing dynamics worldwide.

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Optimizing Multinational Casualty Protection

Explore the issues that are critical to building and maintaining an effective multinational casualty program.

Discover the Worldview Experience

Chubb’s innovative digital risk management platform:

Leading the Way, Locally and Globally

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Chubb Multinational Insurance Coverages and Services

Learn more about Chubb’s global advantages.

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See how our technology transforms multinational risk management.

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Chubb’s Multinational Claim Commitment

Learn more on Chubb’s unique claim capabilities for multinational clients.

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View a snapshot of what the portal can accomplish for a multinational risk management program — in just 15 minutes.

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Global Insights

Stay ahead of emerging trends with Chubb Global Insights.

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Benchmark Report

Liability Limit Benchmark & Large Loss Profile by Industry Sector 2021.

Multinational Blog Series

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Helping U.S.-Based Multinationals Understand an Evolving Management Liability Environment Post-COVID

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Helping Multinational Clients Navigate the Nuances of Master Policy DIC/DIL Clauses