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Tax Indemnity Insurance¹

With Chubb’s Tax Indemnity Insurance, taxpayers can reduce or eliminate a known contingent tax exposure resulting from the tax treatment of a past transaction, investment or other legitimate business activity.

Product Highlights


  • Facilitates smoother deal negotiations during an M&A transaction, as the parties do not need to agree on the allocation of known potential pre-closing tax liabilities
  • Defines, quantifies and caps the financial exposure for particular tax risks whether in the transactional context or within a taxpayer’s operational framework
  • Avoids the need for seller indemnities and/or escrows for known historic tax exposures, thereby facilitating the seller’s clean exit from specific businesses
  • Offers certainty where tax authorities refuse to provide advance rulings to taxpayers on certain identified tax matters, or where an advance ruling will not be obtained in the timeframe necessary to close a transaction

¹Chubb does not underwrite any insurance product covering taxes, interest or penalties that may be incurred with respect to any “reportable transaction” within the meaning of Treasury Regulation section 1.6011-4(b).