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Chubb risk engineers work with many businesses, including manufacturers of consumer products, industrial machinery, automotive parts, as well as food and beverage processors, and product importers, wholesalers and retailers to improve products liability risk management within an organization.

Our risk management services are designed to promote product safety and minimize a company’s potential for products liability claims. Our worldwide network of experienced staff can assist you in benchmarking your risk management programs and identify opportunities for improvement. We work with risk managers to review and evaluate the functional aspects of their organizations to minimize likelihood and impact of products liability losses. These services include:

  • Products liability laws and loss prevention awareness
  • Anticipating failure modes for various processes and products
  • Human factors engineering and design
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Preventive Controls analyses for food processors

Product quality and safety through your supply chain is also an important risk management concern. As evidenced by the new FDA Food safety Modernization Act (FSMA), it is up to the manufacturer or importer to ensure food quality and safety, including intentional supplier adulteration. This type of ‘trust but verify’ model should be adopted across all industries that are reliant on suppliers. Chubb Risk Engineering has the expertise to assist with evaluation of your supply chain risk.

Among other topics, we offer client/broker seminars on:

  • Products liability laws worldwide
  • Products liability exposure identification, risk assessment and management
  • Best practices identification and discussion
  • Product user guides and instruction manuals
  • Product safety policy and program development
  • Product design and review
  • Product warnings and labels
  • Quality control systems
  • Handling product complaints