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Comprehensive coverage for your computer networks, websites, and sensitive customer or employee information, as well as third-party corporate information. You can also secure Internet media liability and network extortion coverage.

Coverage Highlights


  • Claims and underwriting expertise
  • Flexible underwriting approach
  • Regional offices provide customers nationwide access to underwriters informed on privacy issues
  • Affirmative 100 percent allocation of defense provision if at least one covered claim is asserted
  • No retention, coinsurance, time element or prior written approval restrictions for data breach fund
  • Data breach expenses not subject to a post-discovery time restriction
  • Coverage for regulatory fines
  • Consumer redress fund applies to full privacy and network limits of liability


  • Privacy Liability (includes personal information in any format; breaches not restricted to a network event; customer and employee information)
  • Network Security Liability
  • Data Breach Fund includes:
    • First- and Third-Party expenses
    • Forensic expenses
    • Expenses to comply with the consumer notification provisions of the applicable jurisdiction that most favors coverage for such expenses
    • Costs for voluntary notification (prior written approval requirement)
    • Costs to retain public relations, crisis management and law firms
    • Legal expenses incurred by the insured to ascertain their indemnification rights under contract
    • Credit monitoring expenses (no longer tied to privacy regulations)


  • Up to $20 million

Client Profile

Our typical client is any healthcare or managed care organization managing sensitive customer or employee information, third-party corporate information, a computer network or website.