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Patient Administration Solutions

Industry Highlights

Reducing costs is one way healthcare information technology (HIT) companies like yours are transforming the delivery of healthcare. Your products and services are geared towards helping healthcare providers run their business, which means you are exposed to a myriad of risks that require innovative integrated solutions.

With Chubb, one integrated insurance program can respond to multiple allegations including Economic Injury, Bodily Injury and Violation of Privacy Claims, worldwide. In your business a single event could trigger claims involving multiple types of insurance, so having one insurer address these claims is a distinctive benefit with Chubb. Further, liability claims involving products used in a healthcare setting can be much different than traditional general liability claims. We’ve recognized that and have an integrated team of people in underwriting, risk engineering and claims for the technology and life sciences industries worldwide. 

Manage Risks

Consider the following:

  • Your electronic health records (EHR) system developed for a group of physician clinics has a security “hole” in it, which is exploited by a hacker. Thousands of patient records are compromised and many of the affected consumers sue for invasion of privacy.
  • A programming error in your hospital billing software prevents a chain of hospital administration departments from being able to send medical treatment data to one of the largest health insurers in the country, delaying their payments from the insurer and causing a financial loss to the hospitals.
  • The installation of your EHR system into a large hospital is delayed by six months, causing additional work and financial harm to your customer.