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There has been a renaissance in manufacturing, with a resurgence of domestic ‘on shoring’, capitalizing on networked big data analytics and harnessing the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ to combine the physical and digital worlds working in unison to create more precise, efficient, better maintained, and smarter manufacturing capabilities. Many refer to this renaissance as Advanced Manufacturing or Manufacturing 2.0.

Whether you specialize in metalworking, printing, plastics, composites, ceramics, or manufacture integrated industries such as automotive, aviation, food and beverage, life sciences, defense, or consumer products, there are likely advanced attributes associated with your business. Your risks may have evolved with these advances. For example, networked industrial control systems that manipulate robotically controlled production lines could suffer physical damage based on a remotely orchestrated cyber-incident. Likewise, you may be working with a novel material that has no well-established occupational exposure limit. How do you not only recognize the issue but address it?

Chubb Risk Engineering Services understands that the manufacturing sector is crucial to the GDP. We have developed expertise to address traditional manufacturing risks, as well as stay in front of emerging issues such as 3D printing. Examples of services we have provided for our manufacturing clients include:

  • Business continuity planning, including facility and supply chain perspectives
  • Property protection addressing smoke, water damage, natural perils such as flood and operational process upsets
  • Fire Protection System Impairment and Hot Work Permit programs
  • Equipment breakdown evaluations
  • Infrared thermography analysis to identify hot spots without disrupting electrical service or business operations
  • Workplace safety, ranging from ergonomics to machine guarding to industrial hygiene
  • Product liability reviews
  • Cyber-physical risk assessment and subsequent evaluation

Chubb Risk Engineering Services has been working with manufacturing customers for more than 70 years. You can say that manufacturing is part of our DNA. Talk to your agent or broker to learn more about the Chubb difference.