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Electronics or Hardware Manufacturing

Industry Highlights

You do more with less … manage just-in-time inventory … build to order. Your operation is an interconnected network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, intermediaries and retailers, scattered around the world.

Chubb understands the complex and vital role you play in the technology business. For more than 30 years, we've helped protect electronics and hardware manufacturers like yours with comprehensive global solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Manage Risks

Consider the following:

  • Could failure to meet earnings expectations, disagreement over an acquisition price, a cyber breach or some other event lead your shareholders to file a lawsuit?
  • Would an interruption due to fire at a contract manufacturing facility bring your operations to a grinding halt?
  • If your employee was injured on a business trip and needed to be repatriated immediately, how would your insurance respond?
  • Could an accidental release of a chemical used in your manufacturing process lead to damages and clean-up costs?
  • Could a terminated employee sue you, alleging discrimination?
  • At a semiconductor facility, your defective product shuts down chip production. Do you have the appropriate insurance response?
  • You discover your plant manager has been conspiring with a transporter to skim off inventory to sell for personal gain. Your company could be out hundreds of thousands of dollars or more before being discovered.