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Your institution, whether public or private, trade school or major university, presents unique exposures. If left unchecked, these exposures can cause major damage to your facilities, your reputation, and even delay the on-time opening of your facility for the next semester. These impacts could result in financial impact, or even the closure of your institution.

Chubb risk engineers can help you identify and control these exposures. Examples of services we have provided for educational institutions include:

  • Manual material handling and ergonomic evaluations and mitigation programs for housekeeping, office and maintenance employees
  • Property protection addressing fire detection and kitchen fire suppression, reduction of fire exposures, chemical storage/lab activities, and water intrusion identification and evaluation
  • Equipment breakdown and required jurisdictional pressure vessel inspections
  • Fire Protection System Impairment and Hot Work Permit programs
  • Review of sprinkler system design upgrades and sprinkler installations in new building construction
  • Review of food service operations, to include food safety and kitchen employee safety, as well as evaluation and mitigation of slip and fall exposures.
  • Industrial hygiene evaluations, to include air and noise sampling
  • Fleet program assistance addressing documentation reviews, driver training, and accident investigation training
  • Machine guarding and safety evaluations for maintenance operations
  • Physical security evaluations

Chubb risk engineers have extensive experience with educational institutions just like yours, and years of experience addressing property protection, vehicle exposures, and employee safety. Talk to your agent or broker to learn more about the Chubb difference.