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Cyber Claims Scenarios – August 2019

The loss of secure files by ransomware or phishing attacks is a threat to healthcare organizations. Patient information is extremely personal and loss of such could affect the reputation of any hospital or facility. Read some of our latest claims scenarios ranging from loss of personal health information, physician impersonation, and ransomware attacks.

Cyber Claims Scenarios – May 2019

Ransomware and phishing attempts continue to top the list of cyber attacks hitting financial institutions. Read some of our latest cyber claims scenarios on phishing scams, ryuk ransomware, ATM skimming, and rouge employees.

Cyber Claims Scenarios - January 2019

Chubb’s experience with claims handling and investigation keeps us on top of the latest trends and exposure impacting cyber security. Read some of our latest claims scenarios ranging from Emotet malware, payment card scams, business interruption, and Ryuk ransomware.

Cyber Claims Scenarios – October 2018

Being aware of emerging risks, like new types of ransomware, can help you better understand potential threats. Read some of our claims scenarios on BitPaymer ransomware, biometric cases, physician impersonation, and business interruption.

Cyber Claims Scenarios – June 2018

Our team of claim specialists handles cyber incidents and privacy liability claims exclusively, and they use this extensive knowledge to resolve all types of cyber claims. Read some of our latest claims scenarios on crypto mining, DDoS attacks, SamSam attacks and loss of personal health information.

Cyber Claims Scenarios - January 2018

Chubb’s guiding claims principle is to handle claims with integrity, empathy, promptness, and expertise. Read some of our latest claims scenarios on ransomware attacks, phishing emails, vendor/supply chain, and unauthorized access here.

Cyber Claims Scenarios – August 2017

It’s important to know how your insurance carrier responds to and manages your claims. Read some of Chubb’s latest claims scenarios on ransomware attacks, W2 - phishing attacks, and business interruption.