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Customarq Package Insurance Coverage Highlights

Property – You will appreciate the flexibility and many options within Customarq. Customarq offers a $500,000 automatic blanket limit of insurance for selected property coverages that allows insurance dollars to be used where they are needed most following a loss. Subject to underwriting, the blanket limit can be increased to $1 million or $2 million. Smaller businesses that do not need these higher limits can opt for a $250,000 blanket limit. Broad “all-risk” perils, automatic limits for many property exposures and a flexible valuation approach make Customarq the product of choice.

Business income insurance automatically includes the same perils as property with an unlimited period of indemnity, so protection extends for as long as it takes to restore the business to the level that would have existed had no loss occurred.

General liability insurance affords primary protection for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury to a third party for which a company is liable. Customarq liability protection responds to exposures that did not exist years ago. For example, the rapid rise of the Internet had dramatically increased the potential for libel, intellectual property and invasion of the right of privacy offenses. Standard policies do not adequately respond to these exposures.

Additional Highlights

Global Reach – With Customarq’s global extension a company’s overseas operations receive the same quality protection provided in the domestic program. Chubb can insure domestic and foreign exposures in one policy, including protection against differences in conditions/differences in limits contained in policies issued in a foreign country.

Specialized Solutions – Specialized industries require innovative insurance solutions. Each industry faces its own challenges and risks. Chubb has tailored its Customarq package policy to address the unique insurance needs of many industries – such as energy, technology, life sciences and law firms to name a few.

Rounding Out an Insurance Program - To complement the Customarq package policy, Chubb can write auto, workers compensation, umbrella and a host of professional & management liability insurance products.

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