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Chubb Utility Plus offers lead umbrella and excess liability coverage in conjunction with professional liability insurance coverage for the utility industry

Coverage Highlights


We understand the risk challenges of the utility sector and takes a unique approach to solution development


  • Claims Made, Occurrence or Occurrence Reported coverage
  • Coverage extensions include:
    • Community Service Activity
    • Emergency Assistance Agreement
    • Failure to Supply (Property Damage or Capacity Trigger)
    • Standards Boards Activity


  • Minimum premium: $50,000
  • Minimum underlying: $1 million per occurrence for general liability, automobile liability and employers liability primary insurance or self-insured retention


  • Up to $25 million per occurrence/aggregate
  • Up to $15 million per occurrence/aggregate in Wildfire areas
  • Attachment point: within the first $100 million excess of primary insurance or self-insured retention

Target Client


  • Electric, gas and water utilities
  • Regulated unregulated entities

Oil & Gas

  • Contractors
  • Exploration and production
  • Exploration and production services
  • Pipelines and midstream
  • Products and distribution