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We've created an advanced, collaborative, and interactive educational facility for the next generation of risk management. 

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Water damage, such as burst pipes and roof leaks, can cause millions of dollars worth of losses. Prevention is possible and Chubb can help.

Trends, risks, and mitigation for water leaks, pipe bursts and plumbing issues

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Meet Our Team

Our in-house network of more than 400 risk engineers around the globe help businesses to stay ahead of the risks with their deep expertise in many areas - from real estate to medical device manufacturers, from clean tech to ergonomics.

Meet Our Risk Engineers

We share the risk with our insureds, helping them do whatever they can to minimize exposure and reduce loss
Tony Bianco Senior Equipment Breakdown Risk Engineer
I’m sending people home the way they came in at the beginning of their shift, keeping people healthy and safe
Amy Ryan Senior Life Science Specialist