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Chubb Privacy ProtectionTM provides coverage for a variety of exposures, including activity by third-party service providers, lost equipment, breaches and human error.

Coverage Highlights


  • Designed for companies of all sizes
  • Privacy coverage includes customer and employee information, personal information in any format, and network as well as non-network security breaches
  • Free access to Chubb’s Cyber Experience, a web-based loss prevention resource containing information and technical resources to help policyholders manage their privacy and network risks
  • Data breach expenses include voluntary notification and expenses to comply with the consumer notification provisions of the applicable jurisdiction that most favors coverage
  • No retention, coinsurance, prior written approval, or post-discovery time restrictions for Data Breach Fund (voluntary notification subject to prior written approval)
  • Privacy Regulations coverage includes the latest regulations including the Identity Theft Red Flags Rule, HITECH Act and Massachusetts 201 CMR 17
  • Definition of damages includes regulatory fines where permitted by law, a consumer redress fund, and punitive and exemplary damages (most favorable jurisdiction language)


  • Privacy Liability
    • Covers loss arising out of the organization’s failure to protect sensitive personal or corporate information in any format
    • Provides coverage for regulatory proceedings brought by a government agency alleging the violation of any state, federal, or foreign identity theft or privacy protection legislation
  • Data Breach Fund
    • Covers expenses to retain a computer forensics firm to determine the scope of a breach, to comply with privacy regulations, to notify and provide credit monitoring services to affected individuals, and to obtain legal, public relations or crisis management services to restore the company’s reputation
  • Network Security Liability
    • Covers liability of the organization arising out of the failure of network security, including unauthorized access or unauthorized use of corporate systems, a denial of service attack, or transmission of malicious code
  • Internet Media Liability
    • Covers infringement of copyright or trademark, invasion of privacy, libel, slander, plagiarism or negligence arising out of the content on the organization’s internet website
  • Network Extortion Threat
    • Covers extortion monies and associated expenses arising out of a criminal threat to release sensitive information or bring down a network


No minimums or retention


Up to $20 million

Client Profile

  • Any business managing sensitive customer or employee information, third party corporate information, a computer network or a website
  • Targeted classes include retail organizations, financial institutions and healthcare organizations