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Property Services

Risk management services and long-term solutions to help you manage property risks.

The goal of Chubb Global Risk Advisors (CGRA) is to assist our clients in managing property risk by creating long-term solutions to assure your success as a business and property owner. CGRA applies its advanced skills in property conservation to help identify potential causes of loss and their impact on your bottom line. Our advisors also have hands-on experience with fire protection systems of all types, which afford clients unparalleled client service.

Our property conservation services go beyond basic property protection to include:

  • Customized property conservation programs
  • Water supply analysis and testing
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire protection systems
  • Warehousing and storage fire protection consultations
  • Ignitable liquids storage and processing consultations
  • Sprinkler and fire protection plan reviews for new installations
  • Fire department pre-planning review and assistance
  • Fire protection systems testing and witnessing 
  • Fire protection impairment programs and training
  • Hot work permit programs and training
  • Roof maintenance programs
  • Rooftop photovoltaic (solar panel) installation reviews
  • Fire door testing and maintenance programs 
  • Flood emergency response planning
  • Business Continuity
  • Drone technology
  • Risk management assessments
  • Automatic fire sprinkler plan reviews

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