Chubb Charity Challenge

Bringing together agents and clients from around North America to drive, chip, and putt for causes they care about.

Golfing for good

The Chubb Charity Challenge unites our partners, clients, and colleagues in support of their local communities by teaming up with those in need. Harnessing a friendly spirit of competition, Chubb is proud and honored to help our participating teams give back to their charities of choice through the game of golf.

Supporting local communities

Each year, our teams raise significant money for their charities of choice. See how these funds are impacting communities.

Why we play

Our teams are deeply committed to the charities they play for, putting their hearts into every stroke and bringing a deep sense of pride to each tournament.

Teeing up across North America

More than 6,000 charities across the United States and Canada have received donations through agent, broker, and client participation in Chubb Charity Challenge. From food assistance to research funding, these efforts have made an astounding difference in the lives of so many families.

2019 charity donations:

Watch how this amount increases as local tournaments take place this spring and summer.
To learn more about tournaments in your area, explore the map below.


The tradition

In 1996, Chubb’s Murray Hill office hosted its first charity golf tournament at Meteconk Golf Club. Local New Jersey charities received $25,000 in donations from the event. In 1999, Chubb’s Northern Zone expanded the concept to 10 branches, and in 2000, the Chubb Charity Challenge was officially born. Now, nearly every one of our 48 branches across North America hosts its own local tournament, with players competing to advance to the national event. Teams have raised nearly $15 million for local charities since the tradition began.

The competition

Our business partners and clients join with our local staff in locations around North America to enjoy a day on the course dedicated to fun and philanthropy. At least five foursomes compete in a local event, each choosing a charity to play for. The winner earns a trip to the finals and the opportunity to play for a $50,000 donation to their selected charity.


How the challenge works and more.

Driving for good

Each year our teams play on behalf of their favorite local charities, and are passionate about giving their all for each one. We’re proud to continue this legacy, which has resulted in donations to over 6,000 charities in the past 20 years. See the incredible work these organizations are doing and why it matters.

At the heart of it

Hear firsthand reflections from a few of our finalists. Find out why they're golfing for good and what the Chubb Charity Challenge means to them.

Teeing up for charity

More of our business partners and clients share why the Chubb Charity Challenge matters to them and their communities. Read their personal expressions in these moving blog posts.

“Nathan’s story touched all of us, and we thought it would be a nice way to support Nathan’s effort,” said Tim Ryan, Chief Operating Officer for Lockton Northeast

Tim Ryan Lockton

"My team has come back each year — winning the national tournament in 2012 and finishing as runner-ups in 2014! While we haven’t achieved the same level of success since then, we keep playing because of the tournament’s purpose."

Maurice Bussieres Lussier Dale Parizeau

“The positive impact a few individuals can have when we work together is truly astounding.”


“That’s what I love about the Chubb Charity Challenge: it brings people together in a fun and meaningful way.”

Gary Morris Rampart Insurance Services

“There are always people in your local community who need help, and seeing the impact we can have on the local kids through Chubb Charity Challenge donations is nothing short of amazing.”

Brian Andrews Aon Risk Solutions

“Knowing that we’re all competing for some amazing causes builds a comradery amongst the teams that you don’t see anywhere else. Creating exposure for and giving back to these tremendous charitable organizations makes everyone a winner.”

Robert Kestenbaum York International Agency

“When we help others, the entire community flourishes.”

Haig Wright Byars-Wright Group

Our teams’ charities

The money our teams raise to support their selected charities creates great impact in their communities. See the incredible work these organizations are doing and why it matters.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners!

More than 360 teams participated in our 2018 challenge, raising $914,050 for their charities of choice. Colleagues and clients enjoyed the competition, camaraderie, and the chance to golf for a good cause.

2018 Total Charitable Contributions


Giving back in 2018

JLT Specialty Insurance, playing for Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth, won the $50,000 grand prize. Congratulations to them and our Albany/White Plains branch. The top 5 rounded out as such: Lockton (Los Angeles branch) won $45,000 for Friendship Foundation; HUB International Northeast (New York branch) won $40,000 for Environmental Defense Fund; Rampart Insurance (Uniondale branch) playing for Childrens Medical Center won $35,000; and IMA Select (Kansas City branch) won $30,000 for Hillcrest Ministries of Mid America.

Total Raised
JLT Specialty Insurance
Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth
Friendship Foundation
HUB International Northeast
Environmental Defense Fund
Rampart Insurance
Cohen Childrens Medical Center
IMA Select
Hillcrest Ministries of Mid America
Watkins Insurance Group
Helping Hand Home for Children
Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting
Interfaith Outreach
Make-A-Wish Connecticut
Special Olympics of Colorado
Brown & Brown Northwest
Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro Area

Frequently asked questions

From how it works to who competes, get the details on the Chubb Charity Challenge.

What is the Chubb Charity Challenge?

The Chubb Charity Challenge is an annual golf tournament, now in its 20th year, aimed at raising funds for local charities across North America. Agents, brokers, and clients form teams and play in local tournaments organized by Chubb’s nearby branch offices. Each team plays on behalf of a local charity of their choosing. The winning team in each regional tournament is invited to play in the finals tournament during the fall for a chance to win up to $50,000 in donations for their chosen charity.

Who participates in the Chubb Charity Challenge?

Chubb invites insurance agents, brokers, and clients to form teams with up to four players. Tournaments take place in cities across North America from May through September.

How does the tournament work?

To hold a tournament, local branches must have at least five teams participating. Each team picks a charity or organization that they play for in the tournament. The winnings go to the designated charities, based on each team’s ranking in the event leaderboard. A portion of the local entry fees fund the prize pool for the finals tournament.

The winning team in each regional tournament is invited to play in the finals tournament in November, for a chance to win from $5,000 to $50,000 in additional donations for their charity. The 2019 Chubb Charity Challenge finals will take place on September 22–24, at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Do all the charities represented in the tournament — both regional and national — receive a donation?

All charities in the finals tournament receive a donation. For the local tournaments, it’s up to the discretion of the branch. In 2018, participating teams raised more than $900,000 for charities across North America.

Between 2000 and 2018, more than 5,200 teams participated in the Chubb Charity Challenge, raising nearly $16 million for selected charities.

Why does Chubb sponsor this annual event?

Chubb is committed to supporting the local communities where we work. The tournament was designed to provide a fun, competitive activity to bring together agents, brokers, and clients to thank them for their relationship with us. The money donated through the tournament helps local charities expand their impact in their communities. We are proud to be involved in giving back to the organizations that make a difference in the lives of our agents, brokers and clients, as well as their communities.

Committed to caring

We care about the communities where our employees live and work. Learn how we’ve been making a difference for decades.

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