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Providing you extensive coverage

If you are looking for a wide range of insurance protection as your personal welfare, which can help relieving your financial burden on medical expenses from illness and accident, 20SLPA package is your answer with reasonable premium. It provides life protection, in-patient health coverage, multi-stage critical illness and accidental death benefits, including indemnity payment for hospitalization and life premium waived in case of disability.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Life coverage until 90 years old of age
  • 20 years of premium payment term
  •  Increasing life coverage 5% of sum assured in every 5 policy years until insured age 90 years old
  • Maturity benefit equal to the amount of increased sum assured at the end of contract date
  • 2 package plans available with extensive coverage; medical and surgical expenses, hospital indemnity, multi-stage critical illnesses, accident, and life premium waived due to disability
  • Personal income tax deduction up to THB 100,000 of paid premium on life and health riders, following the conditions of Thailand Revenue Department (Read more)

Coverage Plan

20SLPA Package Sum Assured (THB)
Plan 1 Plan 2
Supreme Life Protector 90/20 50,000 75,000
In-patient medical and surgical coverage
(daily room and board)
1,000 2,000
Daily indemnity payment due to hospitalization 1,000 1,000
Multi-stage critical illness 50 200,000 300,000
Accidental death benefit (ADB) 200,000 300,000
Life premium waived in case of total permanent disability 50,000 75,000

Rider benefit: In-patient medical and surgical coverage

Benefits of Delight Care Rider (HSD) Plan (THB)
1000 2000
1. Daily room and board 1,000 2,000
2. Surgical fee 50,000 80,000
3. Operation room fee 4,500 6,000
4. Anesthesia fee 5,000 8,000
5. Doctor's visit and consultation fee 700 1,100
6. OPD emergency fee due to accident 3,500 6,000
7. Other medical expenses 17,000 23,000
8. X-ray and laboratory fees in case of OPD* 3,500 3,500

*Out-patient x-ray and laboratory fees will be included as a part of other medical expenses.

Rider Benefit: Daily indemnity payment due to hospitalization

When you get ill or injured and have to be hospitalized, the company will pay indemnity for the benefit amount per day according to the sum assured for the number of days staying in the hospital as in-patient up to a maximum of 365 days per each injury or illness event.

Rider Benefit: Multi-stage critical illness 50

This rider covers both injury and illness conditions as stated in policy contract. The company will pay a lump sum benefit equal to sum assured following plan conditions (read details about critical illness 50 plan).

  1. 5 critical illness conditions: company will pay 25% of sum assured for 5 critical illness conditions (see the list). This benefit will be paid only once during the contract period. After that, the coverage will be reduced to 75% of total sum assured on the next policy years.
  2. 45 critical illness conditions: company will provide 100% of sum assured for 45 critical illness conditions as in policy contract (see the list). If insured has never received the benefit in item no. 1, the insured will be protected with 100% of sum assured. Or else, 75% of total sum assured will be given. In addition, the rider contract will be terminated, when 100% of sum assured are paid to the insured.

Rider Benefit: Accidental death benefit (ADB)

During policy inforce, if insured encounters with an accident and that causes the death within 180 days after the incident, the company will pay insurance benefit to the beneficiary. 

Rider Benefit: Waiver of Premium

In case of becoming permanently disabled, the company will waive premium payment for the basic life insurance to which this rider is attached. The disability must occur before the insured age 60 years old and the disability condition must continue for at least 6 months. The insurance benefit will last until the insured recovers from such disability. In addition, the waiver of premium will not decrease cash value of the policy.

Preliminary Underwriting Guideline

  • Applicable insured age is between 16 and 55 years old.
  • It is limited one package per person only.
  • Rider type and coverage amount in the packages are all fixed and cannot be changed.

Policy applicants should read and understand about coverage details and conditions before deciding to purchase. Company underwriting guideline will be applied. Coverage details and conditions are as stated in policy contract.