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The Overlook Gap in Financial Advice

As a financial advisor, you are experiencing rapid changes in client expectations. Like many other financial advisors in your industry you are looking for new ways to add value and grow your businesses. One way to tackle that challenge: understand and address your clients’ property and casualty (P&C) needs.

An opportunity for both you and your clients
An opportunity for both you and your clients

Successful individuals want P&C support

In a recent survey, we found that 77% of successful individuals expected their financial advisors to understand and point out property and casualty (P&C) risks they faced, such as inadequate car, homeowner’s, or personal liability coverage. However, only 28% of financial advisors provide that service. By supporting your clients’ P&C needs, you and your clients can both benefit.

would consider switching to an advisor who offered P&C support*
of those would switch even if the advisor charged more*
believe its important for their financial advisor to act as quarterback*
of financial advisors have a relationship with a P&C agent*
The risk with your clients' financial goals
The risk with your clients' financial goals

Many successful individuals are not fully protected

If something happens and your clients don’t have adequate P&C protection, their financial goals could be at risk. Those are the goals you helped them set.





*Source: 2018 Oliver Wyman Research."The Overlooked Gap in Financial Advice: How financial advisors can protect clients whose wealth may be at risk due to gaps in Property and Casualty coverage."

**Source: Insurance Research Council

1 in 8
drivers are uninsured**
lacked jewelry insurance entirely*
had heard of employment practices liability insurance and just 6% had purchased the coverage*
have never or rarely had a professional assessment on their home or possessions*
lack flood insurance*
Digital guides
Helping you get started

Identify, address, and revisit your clients’ P&C risks

Financial advisors who take the extra steps to learn about P&C coverage will deepen their client relationships, expand their book of business by gaining referrals from P&C agents, and broadening their market differentiation. Getting started is simple – just three steps.


Educate yourself about P&C coverage so you can spot gaps in your clients’ protection.


Develop a network of P&C partners who routinely work with successful families and individuals, and can help your clients as well.


Follow up with your clients each year to ensure that they stay protected, even if their lives change.

Did you know?
Did you know?

Since financial advisors typically only manage about two-thirds of their clients’ total wealth, there is a clear opportunity for you to deepen your client relationships. Adding P&C support can do that.

say they would be more satisfied with their financial advisor*
say they would increase the amount of money they invest with their advisor*
say they would lengthen the period of time they keep their investments with that advisor*
say they would be more inclined to recommend that advisor to their friends and family, thus increasing stickiness*
An expanded network
An expanded network

P&C personal insurance brokers typically have a network beyond trust and estate attorneys and CPAs. For example, they have relationships with real estate brokers and art advisors.

Only 42%
of financial advisors surveyed currently have relationships with realtors
Only 16%
of financial advisors have a relationship with art advisors
Did you know?
Did you know?
When you provide P&C support to your clients, you grow the potential number of new referrals.

81% have reported they get 1-5 referrals per year.

18% have reported they get  >5 referrals per year.


Help isolate the gaps in property and casualty insurance with our easy-to-use checklists.. Perhaps your clients only need to review information for specific areas. We have you covered. Review with them or share to let them assess.

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