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Insurance for Climate Tech Companies

As the global population grows and energy demands increase, clean technology companies are critical to the global economy. Being prepared for the changing risk landscape is more important than ever.


Early Stage Climate Tech Companies

Your success requires balancing a passion for innovation with the need to protect your company’s future against the most critical risks.

Commercialized Climate Tech Companies

Whether you’re shipping solar panel components to the United States, assembling power systems for hybrid vehicles, or producing renewable energy at multiple locations throughout the world, your global business requires global insurance solutions to help protect your investments and your people.


As Climate Tech businesses innovate for the future, they face unique risks due to both the unprecedented nature of their operations and the urgency of scaling for the low carbon transition. 

These are the companies developing the cutting edge products, services, and technologies necessary to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and protect Earth’s natural resources during the energy transition.

The operational profiles of Climate Tech companies are complex and their spectrum of risk exposures is broad. Climate Tech companies span all major industries including energy, food, manufacturing, transportation, and technology. With Chubb’s expertise in the Climate Tech industry, clients can trust our support to help protect their organizations.


Target Sectors

Built Environment & Energy Efficiency

Companies innovating in Built Environment and Energy Efficiency such as building automation, alternative materials, methane detection tools and waste heat exchangers.

Food & Agriculture

Companies supporting Food and Agriculture such as Alternative Proteins, Precision Agriculture and Vertical Farming equipment manufacturers.


Manufacturing companies supporting Renewable and Alternative Energies such as a manufacturer of a wind tower and solar tracking solutions.

Carbon Capture

Companies involved in Carbon capture storage and utilization.

Transportation and Mobility

Companies involved in Transportation and Mobility such as Electric Vehicle charging stations and Lidar Technologies.

Battery Energy

Companies manufacturing Battery Energy Storage Systems and developers of new and evolving battery technologies.

Climate Tech
Climate Tech

Why Chubb?

  • Dedicated and specialized Underwriting expertise
  • A commitment to innovation as we underwrite risks for a third of the Global Cleantech 100 companies
  • Specialized Risk Engineering with technical expertise in batteries, carbon capture and hydrogen
  • Local presence in 54 countries and territories, providing insights into leading edge of new technology developments
  • A full spectrum of solutions that scale, serving early-stage innovators to commercialization of complex technologies
  • Scalable and modular insurance products including package, multinational, WC, Auto, D&O, Cyber, umbrella, E&O
Success Story
Success Story

Climate Tech: Mitigating the risks of a rechargeable iron-air battery system

Contact Us
Contact Us

Submissions or questions about Climate Tech insurance solutions?

Climate Tech Insights

Tracking the Sun — Minus the Exposures

A solar tracker company faced complex risks of product and software failure, and needed an insurance partner with technology and manufacturing expertise to design optimal insurance solutions.

Demystifying Climate Tech 

A burger made of seaweed, a car that can give extra electricity back to the grid, a hydrogen-powered truck or power plant are all possible thanks to climate technologies. Such technologies are critical in the transition toward a net zero economy.