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Protect Your Collections

Tips and resources for Art Advisors to add more value to your clients.

As an art advisor, your business priority is simplifying the art acquisition process for your clients and informing their collection choices. But, like many in the industry today, you may be looking for new ways to add value and grow your business. One way to do this is by understanding and addressing your clients’ need to ensure that their passion is protected through adequate insurance on their collection.


Recognize the gaps your clients may have

Market protection

With Chubb, if the market value of an item on the policy before a covered loss exceeds the amount of coverage for that item, your clients are still protected. We’ll pay the market value before the covered loss – up to 150% of the amount of the itemized coverage. If your clients’ collections include work by artists who have quickly appreciated in value, they can have peace of mind with this coverage enhancement.

Recovered art

If artwork is stolen and recovered right away, regardless of the current value of the item, we’ll offer an item back to the client for no higher an amount than what was paid out.

If the artwork is recovered later and has increased in value since the time of loss, Chubb will offer the client the opportunity to purchase the item at a price that is no higher than what we paid the client at the time of loss.

Newly Acquired Items & Works in Progress
Newly Acquired Items & Works in Progress

If your client already has itemized fine art coverage, newly acquired items are automatically included in your policy for up to 90 days for up to 25% of their limit. This includes a purchase at an art fair or while visiting a gallery. With this coverage, your clients can focus on their passion first, knowing that they have coverage in place. If your clients take an item on approval prior to purchase, Chubb has them covered. Our policy provides coverage for works on loan or consignment.

If you are assisting a client with a commissioned work, you can have peace of mind that all risk coverage is in place, up to $100,000.

Did you know?
Did you know?

The risk your clients are facing

It is important that collectors are proactive in taking the necessary steps to ensure their newly acquired artwork is preserved for generations to come. By providing resources and educational tips on how they can preserve their collections, you can help them reduce their chances of loss in the future.


Through our Preferred Service Provider Network, Chubb clients can receive complimentary referrals to qualified specialists and discounts on a range of services. Our network is carefully vetted to provide the finest service, quality, and expertise.

By providing your clients with important resources related to their fine art collection, you can stay one step ahead of their needs. Chubb clients have access to fine art appraisers, conservators, storage facilities, transporters and more within the U.S. and internationally.

In-house services for Chubb Clients

Chubb in-house specialists provide risk consultation on topics ranging from fire and security protection to conservation and preservation.