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Creditors, customers, vendors, government regulators, competitors, shareholders and even employees can sue a company’s in-house attorneys for legal malpractice. Chubb's Employed Lawyers Professional Liability helps to protect in-house attorneys from allegations of errors and omissions in carrying out their legal duties.

Employed Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Highlights

  • Professional legal services rendered by in-house counsel and their staff to the organization and subsidiaries; as well as to foundations, charitable trusts, and political action committees controlled by the parent organization
  • Coverage for pro bono legal services; employer consent not required
  • Coverage for moonlighting legal services
  • Broad definition of Claim which includes civil, criminal, administrative, disciplinary  and regulatory proceedings
  • Subpoena Defense Costs coverage
  • Coverage for personal injury (as defined in the policy) includes malicious prosecution and abuse of process
  • Defense Costs coverage for Wage & Hour and NLRA, WARN, COBRA & OSHA exclusions
  • Defense of claims brought by the organization
  • Coverage eligible for in-house general counsel, legal assistants, notaries public, and temporary and independent contractor attorneys

Are You An ACC Member?

Chubb is a proud to be an Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Alliance Partner. ACC members are eligible for coverage enhancements by endorsement to their Employed Lawyers Professional Liability by ChubbSM policy.