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Travel, protected.

Did you know?
Did you know?

Making your home safe and secure: Depart worry-free

There’s a lot to consider about a home and assets when planning a trip. Taking the right precautions ensures that your home will be safe and secure while you’re away.

  • Home security
  • Water shut-off
  • Home check-ins
  • Asset care
  • Tenant management
4 of 5
burglars check Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to find out who is away
The amount a home without a security system is more likely to be broken into than a home without one
Water damage is the 2nd most frequently filed insurance claim in the U.S.
of water damage is preventable
Depart worry-free Play icon

Depart worry-free

Let Chubb demonstrate actions to take as you plan and prepare your home before departure, so you can focus on making memories.

Real people, real stories


Case Study 1:

While a Chubb client was out of town, a water supply line in the second story master bathroom burst. Water ran for multiple days, creating extensive damage to almost 75% of the home's living space. Chubb paid claim of $1.6 million to cover the damages, and included the installation of an automatic water shut-off device to prevent future water damage incidents.


Case Study 2:

A Chubb client was traveling when a severe cold snap caused pipes to freeze and burst, flooding the entire house. While the home was being repaired, Chubb provided accomodations similar to the current home. Chubb also had no problem, when the client hired the original decorator to make sure the artwork and custom furniture was properly packed to move securely.


Case Study 3:

When a Chubb client was away, she received a call from the alarm company to advise that the smoke detectors had been set off. Since the air conditionming was on at the time the fire started, it contaminated the entire venting and HVAC system. Beyond Chubb waiving the deductible, we ensured the family maintained their standard of living while repairs were being made.

Additional Resources

Browse our comprehensive library of articles, expert blogs and other tips on securing your home while you are away.

Did you know?
Did you know?

Staying safe and healthy: Explore with confidence

Whether traveling domestically or abroad, relax and be safe with customized,
premier travel coverage.

  • Medical emergencies
  • Valuables protection
  • Car rentals
  • Identity theft
  • Sea travel
Over 70%
of jewelry claims were attributed to the items being lost, misplaced, or simply disappearing
of Americans consider 24hr emergency travel assistance very important
of travel insurance claims are due to medical costs

Real people, real stories


Case study 1:

While a client and his wife were traveling to a remote town in Argentina, he became ill and waned to immediately return home to the U.S. Upon notifying Passport 360, it was determined the client should be stabilized locally before being transferred to a larger medical facility. Within four days of the claim, Chubb flew him home where he received further medical attention at his selected local hospital while his wife was provided with transportation to their home.


Case study 2:

Upon returning from vacation, a client noticed that her Chanel purse had been stolen out of her luggage. She worked with our claims specialist to secure travel proof and replacement cost for the purse. When payment for the claim was issued within 3 days of the claim report, she was delighted by the professionalism and support of the claim service.


Case study 3:

When a Chubb client was exploring glaciers in Iceland, she accidentally fell. The client then fractured her leg, which required immediate medical evacuation and attention. Chubb covered the medical evacuation costs and elped the client safely received the care she needed.

The Chubb difference
The Chubb difference

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