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Adventure travel often takes place in far-away countries and includes a higher risk of property loss, injury, and cancellation. Because of that, it’s wise to consider purchasing travel insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses, transportation back to your home country, and compensation for cancellation, delays or loss of luggage or paperwork. 

However, before you start planning an adventure trip, you’re smart to educate yourself and implement a layered system of organizing the components of your trip. Top tips include:


  • Let the professionals help you plan your adventure trip. Does your dream adventure include a safari to eastern Africa, a visit to the rainforests of Costa Rica, or a trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Most of these types of vacations are more secure – and end up being a better experience – if planned through a reputable travel agency or trip coordinator.

  • Be aware of any terrorism or political instability issues. Check this on the State Department’s travel website. For instance, a safari to Kenya can be safe if planned properly but tourists should be aware that the State Department reports that violent crime, such as armed carjackings, muggings and kidnapping, can occur at any time there, like a lot of places, and local police often lack the capability to respond effectively. A rainforest eco-tourism adventure to Ecuador is amazing, but tourists should be aware that the State Department reported a bomb threat at a local hotel in September 2022.

  • Stay onsite and with your group. With a reputable travel agency, you can likely rely on solid security arrangements at the resort, hotel or camp. However, you may be on your own if you wander off by yourself. That’s when the risk for trouble can increase.

  • Educate yourself about street crime risks in your destination, and also in stopover destinations.

Also, not all travel insurance is the same. Be sure that yours includes good medical care and excess medical expense coverage when your U.S. health plan may be out of reach. Check to ensure your insurance representatives are available anytime of the day or night. Also, look for travel assistance services and travel benefits that include coverage for trip and baggage delays. Depending on your plans, you might need the additional coverage. If not, you’ll have the additional peace of mind to help you truly enjoy your adventure.


If you’re planning an adventure trip, get in touch with your insurance agent to talk about the level of coverage you need.