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Every day, accomplished families and the offices that support them are exposed to unique and interconnected risks. International travel, staff management and intergenerational dynamics add to the complexity of potential issues. However, with the right protection and guidance, family offices and family members can help prevent problems from happening in the first place, or be prepared for them if they do.


You lock your door, but do you lock your internet?

Actionable steps to combat digital risks.

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Digital Guides & Checklists

What you need to know about cyber risks and protection

Additional Resources

Learn more about protecting yourself, your office, and your families

Travel with confidence

Whether you’re going across the country or around the world, travel poses risks. Make sure you and your families are protected.


Employer Risk

How to prevent employee fraud

Stopping problems before they happen

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Employer Risk Guides & Checklists

How to carefully supervise employees, in the home and at work

Additional Resources

How to minimize legal and financial risk as an employer

Worker’s Comp for Domestic Staff

What you need to know about each state’s Worker’s Compensation requirements.


Generational Risk

Young professionals and the risks they face

Protecting Millennials in your families from the risks they face online, while traveling or renting an apartment.

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Generational Risk Guides & Checklists

Progressive solutions that span generations

Additional Resources

Understanding and protecting multigenerational wealth

Inherited Art: Five Steps to Help Preserve Value for Years

What you need to know to protect your families’ inherited art collections.


An adventure is not the same as a risk: Why millennials need protection as they travel

See the world but safeguard your experiences.

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Chubb is a premium insurer, specializing in serving successful individuals, families, and family offices. We look for ways to do more, giving you comprehensive protection to suit your unique needs, and working with you and your families to prevent issues from happening in the first place. As a Chubb client, you have access to our increasing range of flexible, customizable coverage and service options to protect your complex and unique needs. To identify the insurance protection that’s best for you and your families, connect with a Chubb representative today.

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