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The Nsure Network Llc

HN Insurance has a unique understanding of the importance of making sure that your most valuable assets are protected.  Our experts take a consultative approach tailoring coverages to clients' unique risks, exposures, and long-term goals. 
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Ben Payne

Ben Payne

Ben Payne has been an agent with HN Insurance for almost two decades. He is held in high regard by his clients and  Risk Management professionals.  His work ethic, commitment to  his customers, and ability to provide a well-priced yet comprehensive coverage are a few reasons why he consistently ranks as one of the country’s most successful producers of Personal Lines Insurance. Benjamin’s affiliation with real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and property investors have led numerous affluent and high profile clients from across the Southeast to trust him with servicing their accounts.         

Give us a call 770-534-5248

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