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Being in business comes with its fair share of risks. When those risks present themselves in the form of lawsuits, it can cause considerable stress and anxiety. Chubb offers the following specialized resources to ensure that you get prompt and fair resolution of claims, all while controlling claim costs.


  • Chubb’s Litigation Management Unit (LMU) provides you with the highest-quality legal services in a smart, fiscally responsible way. In collaboration with you, your defense counsel and examiner will vigorously explore resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Chubb’s House Counsel is staffed by more than 90 highly specialized and experienced attorneys in 17 law offices throughout nine states. We have experience handling diverse clients in varied market segments, and we try multiple cases each year, with results comparing favorably to outside counsel. Our analysis shows that legal defense costs on cases defended by Chubb’s House Counsel are on average more than 40% lower than for outside counsel. For additional information on Chubb House Counsel, please visit
  • Chubb’s Recovery & Subrogation team is staffed by discipline-specific recovery specialists at no additional cost to you. When circumstances warrant, the recovery and subrogation team will pursue parties that may be responsible for your damages.
  • Chubb’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) identifies and investigates potentially fraudulent auto, liability, workers compensation and travel accident claims. Our SIU specialists are discipline-specific and bring a depth of expertise, knowledge and resources to their areas of concentration. To learn more about our Special Investigations Unit, click here.
  • Chubb 4D combines the technology of data analytics with the human intellect of our highly experienced claims representatives to help identify potentially explosive claims and optimize outcomes while minimizing costs.