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The Chubb Special Investigations Unit position on fraud is explicit: We will not pay a fraudulent claim. We believe fighting fraud is a responsibility we owe our policyholders, our agents and brokers, our shareholders, our employees and the communities where we do business.

The SIU delivers the following:

  • Collaborative approach that focuses on teamwork and building relationships with customers to identify fraudulent claims and avoid paying them at all costs
  • Premium savings and reduced cost of insurance by ensuring only legitimate claims are paid 
  • Specialized, discipline-specific investigative experience across various industries and lines of business help ensure fair and prompt resolution of claims. Chubb Special Investigations Unit has dedicated investigators with an average of 25 years of investigative experience. 
  • Extensive training on how to identify and minimize insurance fraud provided by our Special Investigations Unit for agents, brokers, policyholders, claims business consultants, underwriters and adjusters
  • Detailed reports and analysis, including:
    • On-site Investigations
    • Claimant and Witness Statements
    • Background & Social Media Investigations
    • Information Verification

To report suspected insurance fraud, contact the Chubb Fraud Hotline at 1.800.35.Chubb (1.800.352.4822)