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Wildfires are out of control. With Personal Wildfire Defense Services, your damage doesn't have to be.

When a wildfire threatens your area, the time you have to react is minimal. Depending on how far the encroaching fire is from your property, you may go from having a beautiful home to a pile of burning embers within an hour. If only you could be proactive instead of reactive. You can. When you enroll in Chubb's Wildfire Defense Services, you'll receive monitoring, prevention and mitigation services that may reduce the impact a wildfire could have on your home or property. This service is available for no additional charge to eligible homes, so there's no reason not to enroll. 


How it Works

Chubb has partnered with Wildfire Defense Systems, Inc. (WDS), a leading wildfire management organization, to bring you valuable protection before, during, and after a wildfire. WDS is comprised of fire professionals with over 35 years of experience.

In select areas, Chubb can help protect you from wildfire, including:

Before Wildfire Season (Year-round Service)
 – Onsite wildfire hazard assessment to recommend ways to protect your home in the event of a wildfire (available upon request).

As A Wildfire Approaches
 – Working with you to proactively defend your home. Deploying certified fire professionals to your home if a wildfire is threatening your area.

After the threat has passed 
– Return combustible material and other items that may have been temporarily relocated, as well as removing any fire-blocking gel that may have been applied to the home. During this time, WDS would be available to answer any questions you may have around our response. And, of course, we can help you process a claim if your home sustained any damage.

Wildfire Defense Services Brochure

Stay a step ahead of danger. Help protect your home from wildfire.

How to Enroll in Chubb's Wildfire Defense Services

Chubb Wildfire Defense Services is offered at no additional charge to eligible homeowners insurance policyholders — but you must enroll to take advantage of this important service. There are three convenient ways you can enroll:

               Chubb Personal Risk Services
               Attention: Wildfire Defense Services
               P.O. Box 1600
               202 Hall’s Mill Road
               Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Contact your agent or broker for more information about Chubb Wildfire Defense Services.

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