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At Chubb, we offer the flexibility of choosing from several types of insurance policies, but our approach to treating clients with compassion and respect is unwavering. Regardless of the type of claim you file, you can rest assured that our team will work with you through the claim experience with promptness, technical expertise and the empathy we strive to deliver on each and every claim.

personal insurance statement

Step 1: Identify Your Policy

Not sure what type of policy you have? If your policy statement resembles the one shown above or has a similar logo, you have a Chubb policy and you’re on the right page. If your statement looks different or you're still unsure which policy you have, please visit our Claims Immediate Solutions page to connect with one of our experienced team members.

Step 2: Report Your Claim

To file a claim under this policy, please choose the claims reporting option below that best suits your needs. Please have your policy number, date and address of loss, as well as information about any other individuals involved. Remember, the more details you provide, the better able we are to work with you through the claim experience.

Online: Chubb's Online Claim Reporting Application
 1-800-CLAIMS-0 (1-800-252-4670)
Fax:     1-800-300-2538

Your Local Agent: Contact your agent or broker who can submit a claim on your behalf.

For Chubb Personal Marine and Yacht policies, please use one of the reporting methods below:

Phone: 1-800-CLAIMS-0 (1-800-252-4670)
Online: Marine Claim Reporting Form
Fax:    1-800-300-2538

Step 3: Upload Your Documents

Once you receive your claim number, you can quickly and easily upload any supporting documents through our Claim Documents Upload Page. Be sure to include your claim number on all documents you send. If you prefer to mail or fax documents, please contact your adjuster for the appropriate mailing address and fax number.

Still have a question?

If you have additional questions, click here to go to our FAQ section.