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Specialty Casualty Insurance Solutions

Chubb Specialty Casualty delivers individual risk underwriting capabilities to assist U.S.-based companies dealing with General Liability-driven risks that tend to be hard to place due to unique products, processes or operations. We offer innovative solutions and industry-specific expertise though a scalable product platform that focuses on customized protection for a wide range of complex exposures.Key industries served include: Aviation, Construction and Energy.

GL Plus™

Chubb’s proprietary form that offers combined primary commercial general liability and pollution liability coverage for companies of all revenue sizes, whose operations, processes or products present an environmental exposure.

Public Entity Practice

Chubb provides a complete suite of solutions for Public Entities (defined as political subdivisions, agencies and authorities, and public and private schools (K-12) and colleges.


Specialty solutions for lead umbrella and excess liability insurance.


Insurance solutions tailored for specific segments of the aerospace industry.

Foreign Supplier Liability

Uniquely designed for U.S.-based companies that purchase or distribute completed products or component parts from foreign suppliers.

Legacy Liability

Primary general liability and excess coverage for exposures related to merger and acquisition activity or historic and future liability issues of clients.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Packaged solutions provide comprehensive, multi-line protection for the full scope of renewable energy operations.


Non-collateralized primary solutions for GL driven construction risks.

Traditional Energy Solutions for Middle Market

Comprehensive solutions for midsize companies involved in traditional energy production.

Select Risk

Individualized account casualty programs for companies with challenging exposures on small deductible, SIR, or guaranteed cost program structures.


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