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Pet Business Insurance

Supporting those who care for our pets

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Pet care professionals

As a professional who provides pet care services such as grooming, boarding, or training, the risks you face are unique. 

If you are part of the $261 billion global pet market*, insurance can help you protect your business by providing coverage for:

  • Medical expenses for employee injuries
  • Infectious diseases or kennel cough for pets 
  • Property damage caused by clients or their pets
  • Attorney’s fees and costs if you are sued by a client for a covered event
  • Indemnity for claim settlements 
Who we serve

Chubb insures many types of pet care professionals, including

  • Pet trainers
  • Pet food companies
  • Pet supply companies
  • Pet stores
  • Pet sitters 
  • Pet boarding
  • Groomers (mobile and non-mobile)
  • Pet day care providers
  • Pet crematories and cemeteries
  • Veterinary professionals
Peace of Mind
dog groomer working on a small dog
Peace of Mind

Why do pet businesses need insurance?

Whether you’re operating a grooming business, pet daycare, training facility, or a pet cemetery, pet business insurance provides peace of mind and can:

  • Protect your business from covered client lawsuits
  • Protect you from covered employee lawsuits
  • Support you if you experience covered property damage
  • Meet your legal or contractual requirements
Business Owner's Policy

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) can help protect pet care professionals with general liability and property coverage, including

  • Loss or damage to perishable property, like pet food, resulting from a change in a temperature-controlled environment, such as a refrigerator
  • Loss or damage to property or loss of business income due to contamination
  • Costs to dispose of animals that die from a covered loss
  • Cost of an emergency evacuation of animals on the premises
  • Costs associated with a product recall or expenses incurred to replace goods that are unfit or dangerous
  • A reward offered by your business for information that leads to a felony conviction of the person who stole or damaged your property
Optional Coverages

Chubb also offers a wide variety of optional coverages, tailored for pet care professionals, which you can add on to your BOP.** These include:

  • Animal bailee – Provides coverage for the insured’s liability for injuries or damages sustained by an animal in the pet care operation’s care, custody, or control.
  • Tools & equipment – Provides mobile businesses with a blanket limit of insurance for veterinary medical equipment, pet care tools, and other equipment. Includes the cost to repair equipment or replace lost income and other expenses.
  • Kennel cough – Provides coverage for disinfecting the facility, veterinary expenses (if needed), and reputation management, should you suspect that a kennel cough infection spread within your pet care facility.
  • Pet care errors & omissions – Protects pet care facilities, professionals, and workers against claims of inadequate work or professional negligence.
  • Veterinary professionals – Includes interns, leased employees, temporary employees, and volunteers.
  • Off-premises & mobile equipment breakdown – Covers equipment that breaks down off premises or in a vehicle used for business.
  • Expenses for courts & veterinary boards – Covers fines, penalties, and expenses for defense of an insured before courts or veterinary boards.
Additional Products
Additional Products

Pet care professionals can access a total account solution to take care of their insurance needs. Consider these coverages for your insurance program.

General liability

Protects you against client lawsuits alleging property damage, bodily injury, or other common risks.

Professional liability

Protects you in the event of a lawsuit claiming you were negligent in providing professional services in some way, such as providing late, incorrect or incomplete services. This also covers errors and omissions relating to expert opinions or advice you provided a client.

Workers compensation

Provides funds and guidance when an employee is hurt on the job, helping them get healthy and back to work as quickly as possible. 


This Enterprise Risk Management solution can help you prevent cyber incidents from happening and provides expert response services if your business is the victim of a cybercrime.


Sometimes your standard insurance policy limits aren’t enough to cover what you’re up against. Umbrella insurance  provides coverage over and above your existing policies to protect you from substantial lawsuits and losses.

Commercial auto**

This coverage provides protection for vehicles you may use for your pet care business, including replacement or repairs if your vehicle is stolen or damaged, pet injury coverage, and roadside assistance.

Why Chubb
Why Chubb

A bespoke approach to small business insurance

Total account solutions

We offer fast and easy options to cover all your insurance needs.

Efficient claims handling

With 95% claims satisfaction, we don’t just process claims, we strive to make things right.***

Financial strength

Our policies are backed by Chubb’s financial strength and stability. 

Tailored for you

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*Source: Pet Industry Market Trends 2022.

**Available through your independent insurance agent or broker.

***Scores are for paid claims, personal and commercial lines, combined; surveys conducted by Chubb averaged over a 5-year period (2017-2021).