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Limit your risk exposure with Chubb’s expertise in the marine industry, paired with outstanding claims handling and flexible solutions.

Coverage Highlights


  • Extensive coverage offerings

  • Solutions and policy terms tailored for the size and complexity of exposure, from established enterprises to new entrants

  • Marine industry expertise

  • Fast, flexible underwriting response

  • Tailored engineering, including marine risk management services

  • Quality claims handling
  • Broad global network capabilities, with Chubb-owned offices in all major markets and a network of long-term partners committed to Chubb’s global standards

  • Backed by Chubb’s financial strength and industry-leading technology

  • Covers a variety of marine operations, including ship repairers, terminal operators, and charterers legal liability

  • Excess liability insurance options when written with a primary coverage
  • Primary Commercial Marine Liability

  • Marine Contractors Legal Liability

  • Bumbershoot

  • Ship Repairers Liability

  • Wharfingers Liability

  • Marine Terminal Operators Liability

  • Stevedores Liability

  • Charterers Legal Liability

  • Marina Operator’s Legal Liability

  • Vessel Builder’s Risk

  • Marine General Liability, including:
    • Premises/completed operations

    • Products liability

    • Work in progress

    • Contractual liability

    • Owners and contractors protective

  • Excess Commercial Marine Liability, including:

    • Bumbershoot insurance in excess of marine and non-marine primary policies, similar to an umbrella policy
    • Follow Form Excess Liability insurance in excess of any of the monoline liability policies; excess protection and indemnity and collision and towers liability are also available
  • $5,000 minimum premium
Target Clients
  • Marine contractors
  • Terminal operators
  • Marina operators
  • Charterers
  • Ship repairers
  • Wharfingers
  • Stevedores

Practical Underwriting Solutions, Loss Control & Claims Services

Marine Liability Insurance encompasses primary and excess liability insurance solutions to help protect businesses engaged in marine-related operations. Learn more about our Marine Liability offerings.