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Claims for harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and many other workplace torts are rising each year – a trend that isn’t likely to change. Even if you win the case, the costs, financial and otherwise, can have a serious impact on even large firms. Chubb’s flexible solution helps you mitigate losses from claims and also provides an array of tools and resources to help you reduce your exposures.


As one of the first insurers to introduce Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance, Chubb conducted a thorough, nationwide research effort into the unique exposures of professional firms. As a result, we developed a comprehensive, standalone, EPL policy designed exclusively for professional firms.

Chubb is committed to helping our customers prevent losses before they occur in the first place. In addition to Chubb's EPL policy, customers receive access to a wide range of EPL loss prevention services, including our multifaceted EPL Loss Prevention Program. Resources include a wide array of employment tools and information available via web-based ChubbWorks, access to a toll-free hotline and a panel of consultants, and more - all designed to help you reduce your EPL exposures.