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Worldview® is an easy-to-use web-based application that provides real-time access to Chubb’s systems and expertise in one application. It is the most powerful, effective and transparent tool of its kind in the industry, and it is available exclusively to Chubb clients and brokers.


The Worldview experience

Worldview®, the winner of the 2020 Business Insurance Innovation Award, launched the next generation of its Award Winning Platform. This update includes easier Navigation, Enhanced Visuals and Extensive Interactive Capabilities.

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Bringing It All Together

Revolutionizing Insurance Program Management

Our innovative technology enhances your overall customer experience by offering greater control over your program. With more than 17,000 users, Worldview helps you more effectively and seamlessly manage and track all aspects of your risk management programs in real time from an intuitive, easy-to-navigate home screen. The portal provides a number of functions including:

  • Policy issuance and electronic delivery of program documents
  • Invoices and money movement
  • Claims information, assessment, and reporting
  • Account servicing and collaboration with your Chubb team
  • Multinational Research Tool (MRT)
  • Data visualization and interactive dashboard capabilities

The Multinational Research Tool (MRT) Video

Now features an interactive map that matches individual insurance needs by product and country, with Chubb’s extensive global capabilities.

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Transforming program management

More than multinational

First introduced for multinational risk managers and brokers in 2010, Worldview transformed program management for the complex insurance needs of multinational clients. The application has since expanded to include additional product lines, enabling more clients and brokers to benefit from the Worldview technology.

In addition to Multinational business, Worldview is available to clients and brokers of:

  • Chubb Construction
  • Chubb Environmental
  • Chubb Excess Casualty
  • Chubb Financial Lines
  • Chubb Global Casualty
  • Chubb Marine
  • Chubb Medical Liability
  • ESIS
Contact Us
Contact Us

For more information about Worldview, please contact:

Christopher Jackson
Vice President, NA Field Operations
O 302-476-6568


Electronic Delivery of Policies

Electronic issuance of policies and endorsements via the Worldview portal to all policyholders who consent to electronic delivery.

Document Library

A comprehensive electronic repository of all policies and endorsements, executed UM/UIM forms, notices of elections, collateral agreements and captive reinsurance agreements.

Bulk Download/Merge Documents

Combine Policies and subsequent endorsements into one PDF policy pack or download all documents into a convenient zip file at the click of a button.

Multinational Program Summary

Allows users to track key multinational program activities across the global Chubb network. Easily view, filter, or export information as well as setup automatic alerts for when tasks are completed.

Detailed Loss Information

Real-time online display of loss data, multiple export functions for quick download of loss data, loss reporting and reporting tools, loss alerts and triggers, and claim documents.

Online Billing

Chubb Global Casualty, Chubb Construction, Chubb Financial Lines and ESIS clients can receive premium and loss invoices with corresponding support and track each account’s billing status within the web portal, saving time, energy, and paper.

Discussion Room

Collaboration tool that allows risk managers, brokers, and Chubb underwriting/servicing teams to communicate and share documents directly within Worldview. Users can begin a discussion related to a specific document, program task, or other items. All discussions easily integrate with email, so users can reply on-the-go directly from their email inbox and the response will post back into Worldview.

Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics

Conveniently delivered through Worldview, Chubb 4DTM for Chubb and ESIS clients provides data-driven insights into many aspects of underwriting and claims management thorough predictive modeling outputs and claim assessment data. Chubb 4D reports for workers’ compensation data are currently available for both ESIS and non-ESIS clients while the bodily injury model that mines and identifies attributes of automobile and general liability claims is exclusively available to ESIS clients.

Multinational Research Tool

Available for multinational users, the Multinational Research Tool (MRT), powered in part by AXCO, a leading independent supplier of global insurance marketing information, provides critical, up-to-date information allowing users to research, monitor, evaluate and report on the changing compliance and market environment for insurance in over 200 countries and 17 different product lines.

  • Topics include: Local policy regulations, policy taxes and charges, reinsurance & claims regulations, local standard policy coverage and conditions, and Chubb network information.

Multinational IQ

MN IQ provides Worldview clients and brokers with a holistic view of their program(s). Automatic summaries are sent directly to a user’s inbox containing all key multinational activity on a weekly or monthly basis. Report data includes recently updated key tasks and documents, including endorsements, all pending items, including those where Chubb may need information from the broker or insured, and an upcoming renewals feature to help proactively avoid policy issuance delays.

Smart Links

Quickly navigate to documents and tasks referenced in Worldview emails. Simply click the link, log in, and Worldview will direct you to the specific item referenced in the alert email.

Multinational Premium Tracking

Monitor the status of premium payments for captive and deductible recovery accounts across all countries in your program. View an interactive visual summary or review detailed information to better understand payment status.

Saved Filters

Save custom filter selections as a favorite to quickly apply your selections anywhere in Worldview.

Data Visualization

Utilize drill-down and filter capabilities on interactive charts and graphs to better understand your program data on select pages.

Certificates of Insurance

Easily submit certificate requests for U.S. Multinational programs via Program Summary or the Document Library.

Share via Email

Attach and send select documents from Worldview to email recipients or other Worldview users.

Audit and Adjustment Manager Portal

Assists clients and brokers in the review and verification of premium audit adjustments. Includes analytics with graphic displays and charts to further illustrate each client’s audited versus expected exposures.

Resources and News

Contains important documents such as approved vendor and counsel panel lists by industry, coverage line and state in addition to business group specific news articles and white papers.

Risk Engineering Resource Center

A vast library of risk management information including technical information, best practices, checklists, videos, and training materials organized into six main categories: Business Continuity, Cyber Security, Fleet Safety. Liability, Property Protection, and Worker Safety.

Claims Service

A comprehensive listing of claims contacts as well as claims submission information.

Chubb Accelerator®

A technology solution that automates the process of completing state election forms for uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverages. Available for Construction, Chubb Global Casualty and Excess Casualty accounts. 


Available for ESIS Global Risk advantage clients, view your claim information as a customized and interactive heat map displayed in Worldview.  Get quick access to reports, loss activity and summary information based on your pre-selected criteria in GRA.

Chubb Bermuda Ltd. Puni-Wrap Tool

Read about Punitive Damage Wrap coverage and request a quote for applicable lines of business. The quote request will be directed to a Bermuda Broker contact for coordination with Chubb Bermuda Insurance Limited.

Loss Runs

Clients and brokers can choose from a list of policies they have access to and pull loss run information in seconds.

Report Center

Generate reports showing the status of various activities on one, or across multiple programs, as well as the details of those activities. 


Worldview utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols, an intrusion detection system (IDS), 256-bit data encryption, and program level user setup/verification procedures.

Local Policy Translation

Request English translation of local language polices and endorsements directly within Worldview. Translated versions will be made available in Worldview within 3 business days free of charge for active multinational clients.

Interactive Dashboard

View all your information at a glance using graphical interactive tiles and a central notification center.