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Chubb SafeLane

SafeLaneSM on the Chubb Mobile app measures household driving behaviors to encourage safety — and helps you earn potential premium discounts for good habits on the road. It’s just one of the many benefits of having a Masterpiece® auto insurance policy. 


SafeLane helps keep your household on track for safety and savings

We at Chubb prefer that car accidents didn’t happen at all — so we recognize the importance of safe driving. That’s why our SafeLane program on the Chubb Mobile app promotes safety on the road by offering personalized discounts on your auto policy premiums. You get a participation discount — up to 10% — just for enrolling1 and up to 20% when you and all the other covered drivers in your household exhibit good driving behaviors over time.2

SafeLane = Safety + Savings Play icon
SafeLane in action

SafeLane = Safety + Savings

Watch our video to learn about SafeLane’s features and benefits — and see how easy it is to sign up and start earning discounts for safe driving. 

The Chubb Difference

Explore the protections and features Chubb auto insurance provides above typical policies

Savings on your insurance portfolio

In addition to savings through the SafeLane program, Chubb clients may qualify for portfolio discounts on home and auto policies and be eligible for a customer loyalty discount.

OEM parts and procedures

Our clients can utilize body shops that are original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-trained and use OEM recommended tools, equipment, and materials to help repair their damaged vehicles.

Collision repair experts who focus on repair quality not cost cutting

Chubb’s Collision Repair Experts oversee your car’s repairs and are uniquely trained to pay attention to the highest level of detail for safety and style.

Agreed value coverage available

If your car is damaged beyond repair or stolen, we’ll waive the deductible and give you the agreed value on your policy or the market value, whichever is greater.

High limits to cover you for today's risks

For example, we provide uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage up to $10 million in the event of an accident with an at-fault driver who has little or no liability insurance.

Rental car coverage for your lifestyle

You don’t have to compromise on rental car quality while your automobile is being fixed. After a covered accident, there is no per-day limit, up to $15,000 total.

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SafeLane basics & enrollment
SafeLane basics & enrollment

SafeLane is a way to help save money and personalize your Masterpiece auto insurance policy based on safe driving behaviors. With your policy and the Chubb Mobile app, SafeLane will measure driving habits and develop a customized discount based on your driving behavior over time, while on the road. 

Not at all! Enrolling in SafeLane is completely voluntary and optional for you and others on your policy.

That said, there are potential financial advantages to signing up your eligible drivers. Initially you can receive up to a 10% participation discount just for enrolling, and the more drivers in your household who sign up, the greater your potential savings. 

SafeLane measures driving behaviors such as speed, phone use, and braking and securely transmits that information to Chubb. Then, by evaluating your household’s driving over time (at least 91 days or 500 miles for each driver), Chubb will develop a personalized discount that will be applied to your auto policy premiums each year. Upon policy renewal, the discounted percentage you earned during the evaluation — up to 20% — will replace the initial participation discount.

SafeLane gives participating policyholders and the drivers covered under their policy the opportunity to lower their auto insurance premiums by demonstrating safe driving behaviors. 

SafeLane also helps encourage safe driving by providing advice and tips as well as driving scores. With features like a leaderboard, which allows you to view the driving score of other household drivers, the app makes the process more fun and interactive.

Note that while drivers within the household can see each other’s driving score, they will not have access to the specific details (such as other driver's trip routes or sepcific areas where there was noted speeding or braking).

SafeLane is currently available to Masterpiece auto policyholders in Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas, and we anticipate that it will be rolled out in additional states.

Once SafeLane is available in your state, you’ll see the option on your Chubb mobile app and your client portal where you’ll be able to enroll.

Private passenger vehicle drivers included on your Masterpiece auto policy can opt into the SafeLane program at any time. SafeLane is not available to classic car policyholders or on other vehicle policies (such as motorcycles, golf carts, and e-bikes) at this time.

All participating drivers must have the Chubb Mobile app. 

You can easily enroll yourself and other household drivers right from the app, through the Chubb portal, or by requesting enrollment from your agent or broker. 

After enrollment, each driver will receive an invitation code via text message to activate SafeLane with your app. SafeLane will prompt you through the appropriate phone permissions. 

Drivers can opt out of the SafeLane program at any time by contacting their agent or broker. 

SafeLine Discounts
SafeLine Discounts

You will receive a one-time discount just for signing up for SafeLane — up to 10% if all eligible drivers in your household enroll. If only some drivers enroll, you will receive a partial discount. For example, if two of four drivers are enrolled, your policy will receive a 5% participation discount.

After completing the SafeLane evaluation process (and by driving safely), you can get up to a 20% SafeLane discount off your annual policy premium at renewal.  

This SafeLane discount will be averaged among all eligible drivers and applied to all vehicles on the policy. For instance, if Driver A receives a 20% discount and Driver B receives a 10% discount, the SafeLane discount will be 15% (the average of the two driver discounts) and applied on all the vehicles insured on the policy at renewal. 

First, you can maximize your participation discount by enrolling all covered drivers on your Chubb auto policy in SafeLane! Then, as you drive over time, you can earn a higher SafeLane discount if you:

  • Avoid using your phone while driving. Drivers who use their phone while driving are eight times more likely to get into an accident.3 Texting while driving greatly reduces reaction time and is extremely dangerous.
  • Brake gradually. Make sure to give yourself enough distance between you and the car in front of you to give you time to react, and pay attention to changing traffic lights and surrounding circumstances.
  • Avoid speeding. Adhere to posted speed limits. This will not only help keep you safe, but it will also prevent you from getting a traffic ticket. 

No. If participating drivers exhibit risky driving behaviors, they will be ineligible for a SafeLane discount, but there are no surcharges because of undesirable statistics. 

Using SafeLane
Using SafeLane

For SafeLane to record your driving trips, you will be prompted to select the necessary permissions during the set-up process, including making sure your phone location is set to “always.” SafeLane trip recording will then happen automatically in the background and does not require you to turn on the app or do anything else, except have your phone on.

Not a problem! Phone service isn’t required to log trips. Your phone will capture activity and upload it to the app once phone service is available.

The app uses minimal data. When driving, the battery use is comparable to other navigation apps.

GPS information is collected from your phone to capture driving behavior such as your speed, acceleration, cornering, and braking. This data is shared with you via the app to help you and your household become safer drivers and will be used to develop your personalized SafeLane discount.

However, where you drive and what time of day you drive is not used to determine your personalized rate. Your insurance agent will only see the discount applied to your policy but will not have access to your driving behavior or trip details. 

You and all the drivers in your household using SafeLane will be able to see each other’s driving scores. Reviewing your stats every couple of weeks is great to encourage each other to drive safely with a little friendly competition. 

In addition to their overall driving score, each person using SafeLane will be able to see their own individual trip details, but others on the policy won’t be able to access this information. 

SafeLane uses technology that detects movement, relies on your phone's sensors, and uses your GPS location. It can identify when you're driving or when you’re a passenger and only count trips when you're the driver.

The program is also able to determine whether a trip is taken in a train, bus, or Uber. 

On occasion, SafeLane may misclassify a trip-type (“driver”, “passenger”, or “not a car”). If this happens, it’s easy to correct. Go to “Trip Details” and click on the “Trip Type” label above the current type displayed. You will then be able to select the correct status from the options listed.


SafeLane captures your driving behavior, regardless of which vehicle you’re driving. 

The app doesn't have a way to tell if your phone was used by you — the driver — or your passenger, so the app will record it as your distracted driving.

If a trip is logged while you are the driver, but a passenger in the vehicle was actively using your phone, you can update your driver status to passenger so that this doesn't impact your driving score.

SafeLane Support
SafeLane Support

Trips and scores may take 24 - 48 hours to appear in SafeLane, so you might not see it right away — check again later. 

A low phone battery might cause a trip not to be logged. Travel under a mile may not register because those trips are too short to collect meaningful relevant data. 

If a trip is missing, some other factors to check include:

  • Is the app installed?
  • Is the phone location set to “always on”?
  • Is motion & fitness enabled for the app?
  • Did your phone put the app to sleep? Check battery optimization

In the rare instance we missed logging your trip, let us know by reporting the issue in the Help section of the SafeLane app menu.

Use the SafeLane dashboard's Help section within the Chubb Mobile app for technical assistance. For changes to coverage or enrolled drivers, contact your agent or broker.

Why Chubb
Why Chubb

We drive ourselves to exceed expectations

We understand how disruptive an automobile accident can be — and how important it is for you to get back on the road. That’s why we strive to provide a hassle-free claims experience — and why 97% of our clients would recommend Chubb to a family member or friend. 

Industry recognized exceptional service

Chubb is proud to rank above all other major U.S. auto insurers for the fourth year in a row on CRASH NETWORK’s 2023 annual Insurer Report Card, a survey of collision repair professionals that rates insurance companies for how well they handle claims, payments, and customer service to facilitate high quality repairs for motorists.

Responsiveness and expertise

In 98% of our Masterpiece claims, our adjusters make contact within six hours or less of the initial report. Our highly trained collision repair experts oversee your repairs with the highest attention to detail to ensure your vehicle is restored to pre-claim condition.

Claims teams around the clock, around the globe — and in the palm of your hand

Whether you’re on the road close to home or traveling internationally, our claims teams in 54 countries are here to help you — 24/7 and every day of the year. For even more convenience, you can report a claim through the Chubb Mobile app. 

1Receipt of the one-time participation discount is limited to those covered drivers under your insurance policy who fully comply with and complete the SafeLane evaluation process. Following completion of the SafeLane evaluation process, the one-time participation discount will be removed and replaced by the discount percentage and amount based on the results of the SafeLane evaluation period. The one-time participation discount is only available for the policy period in which you or covered drivers complete the SafeLane evaluation process and is subject to all other applicable terms and conditions that may apply.

2Eligibility to receive a yearly discount of up to 20% requires all covered drivers identified on your policy to participate and complete the SafeLane evaluation process. Determination of your policy’s eligibility to receive any discount or a discount of up to 20% is determined by the results of the SafeLane evaluation period, subject to all other applicable terms and conditions that may apply.

3According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Research.