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At Chubb, we know that wherever you call home matters. Your neighborhood, your town, your city – it’s where you raise your family, and where you create your memories. We’re always looking for ways to do more for our clients. But that doesn’t just stop at you. Here’s how we’re also finding ways to help your community.

Chubb supports communities and enriches lives with the IICF.


The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) combines the collective strengths of the insurance industry to provide grants, volunteer service and leadership. Chubb and the Chubb Charitable Foundation provide annual funding and volunteer service in local communities across the U.S.  Twenty-six employees represent Chubb on IICF boards in the regions which Chubb helps support. Funding goes toward a wide range of local non-profits with focus areas that include education, disaster preparedness, the environment, and health and human services. In 2018, a total of 769 Chubb volunteers across 15 offices participated in 38 projects during IICF’s week of service. Employees gave nearly 3,000 hours of service to activities including park and beach cleanups, literacy work, food packaging, home rebuilding, and more.