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Whether you own a runabout, sailboat, or yacht, we know that as you cruise across the open water, you're where you belong. Chubb offers some of the most comprehensive protection and services available, so you can enjoy your time on the water, every time you go out.

See the Chubb Difference

Watch this short video to see how Chubb kept their client cruising when they experienced some trouble in the water.

We protect your experience on the water.

Your watercraft is more than just a boat. That's why we offer protection that's tailored to your needs at every stage of your experience.

We look for ways to say yes.

When your policy is written, you agree to the value of your boat. If it's damaged beyond repair, we'll write you a check for the agreed amount and waive the deductible.

Extra protection when you need it most.

We offer coverage for injuries you or your guests sustain onboard if you're in an accident with a boat that has limited or no insurance.

The freedom to choose.

We offer a “Select” option with new coverages and higher limits on key coverages, and a single policy option that lets you combine personal watercraft, boats, and yachts of all sizes on a single policy.

You're more than a claim, you're our client.

95% of clients with a paid claim were highly satisfied with their claims experience. * 

*Scores are for paid claims for personal lines and commercial lines combined;  surveys conducted by Chubb averaged over a 5-year period (2017-2021). 

Did you know?

boat crash icon


of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents in 2020.

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of boating accidents occur on clear days with good visibility.

waves icon


of boating accidents happen on calm days with waves less than 6".

Source: 2021 Recreational Boating Statistics, United States Coast Guard

Experience the Chubb difference

Here are some of the most popular benefits and coverages Chubb has to offer:

  • Chubb looks for ways to prevent damage from happening in the first place. For example, if you need to move your vessel to safety because of an impending hurricane or tropical storm, there’s coverage for those costs.
  • They offer coverage for sinking, collision, fire, demasting, explosion, or stranding that results from causes of loss such as wear and tear, gradual deterioration, and lack of maintenance. This important coverage is often overlooked and may be excluded from standard watercraft policies.

  • Chubb offers replacement cost coverage for personal property for family members and guests aboard with no deductible.

  • They don't exclude coverage for mechanical or electrical breakdown.

  • You agree to the value of your boat when your policy is written. That way, you know how much you’ll get if a total loss occurs.

  • You can combine watercraft of all sizes onto one single policy, and Chubb will automatically cover new watercraft purchases for the first 30 days

  • Chubb provides yacht owners with services like background screenings, travel briefings, and discounted rates on security services at no additional charge.

Superior protection on and off the water

Whether you own a trawler, runabout, or a motor yacht, or you've been boating for one year or 30, Chubb offers some of the most comprehensive protection and services available.

Our Flagship Recreational Marine Brochure

Coming Out of Lay Up

It’s spring — and time to prepare for boating season. If your boat was in lay-up over the winter, you’ll need to take care of a few things before it’s ready to go. Here are some suggestions to help you make sure your vessel is ready for a successful launch and a safe and relaxing season.


Tip Sheet

6 knots to know

Figure Eight Knot

An ideal knot to keep the free end of a line from running out of a block or fairlead.


Bowline Knot

Sometimes referred to as the “King of Knots,” it forms a fixed loop that won’t slip, but is easy to untie.


Square Knot

Used at sea for reefing and furling sails.


Anchor Bend Knot

Used to secure a line to a ring on a buoy or anchor rode. A strong, chafe-resistant knot.


Two Half Hitches Knot

Reliable, quickly tied, and the hitch most often used in mooring.


Clove Hitch Knot

The general purpose hitch, used wherever you need a quick, simple way of securing a line around a post, railing, spar or cleat.



boats at a dock
Boats & Yachts

What to Consider When Choosing a Marina, Yacht Club, or Other Facility

Whether you’ve just purchased a boat or yacht or have had one for years, where you keep it when you’re not using it is almost as important as the vessel itself.

speedboard in water
Boats & Yachts

The Three “P’s” of Marine Fire Safety

Keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe while aboard your boat or yacht this season by reviewing the three essential “P”’s of marine fire safety.

boat in water
Boats & Yachts

Your Essential Pre-Departure and Boating Safety Checklist

Before you head out on the water for the first time this season, it’s important to make sure you and your boat are completely prepared. 

We help you stay ahead — and informed — with these helpful articles and resources.

Visit for our complete collection of tips and articles.