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Uncover the other side

Don’t get trapped by stereotypes. Learn how to sell to clients from multiple generations.

Sales resources

Connect with clients of all ages

To improve and enhance client relationships with people from multiple generations, we’ve prepared some resources for you—including a detailed report and a quick factsheet.

Follow the link below to download them today.

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Bridge generational divides and grow your business—with our Gentelligence® report

“Gen-Z is self-righteous.” “Boomers are self-interested.” “Millennials are lazy.” It’s easy to make assumptions about people from other age groups. But when clients feel labelled or misunderstood, they’ll be less trusting or inclined to work with you. To help independent agents and brokers better communicate with clients and prospects from different generations, Chubb has partnered with experts like Dr. Megan Gerhardt (Professor and Generational Consultant) and Dr. Dan Docherty (President of Braintrust, Leadership Professor/Speaker). 

Together, we’ve produced a cutting-edge report called “Selling Across Generations.” Harnessing neuroscientific insights and quantitative data, the report deconstructs ageist myths, uncovers unexpected truths, and explores how to connect more authentically with clients. No matter who they are.

Overview video
Overview video

Why it matters

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Overview video

Key insights on generational differences

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Overview video

The stories you should tell to successfully sell

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Instant ways to enhance your Gentelligence®

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Our top findings


of Gen-Z want their agent or broker to tell them what decisions to make.


While just 29% of the Silent Generation want the same.


of Millennials want to see how agents' or brokers’ services match their goals.


This number drops to 40% for Gen-X.


of Boomers would like their agent or broker to define their goals and challenges.


Nearly half (44%) of Gen-Z would like them to do this.

Key findings from the Chubb survey

Insights & resources
Insights & resources

To gauge perceptions of how different generations search for information about insurance, Chubb commissioned the first-of-its-kind study of affluent and high-net worth consumers from five generations: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation.


Four practices to foster strong relationships across generations

Use these practices when you're next in a client meeting and see the difference it makes.


  1. Identify assumptions

    Challenge any preconceived notions and biases to better understand your clients' needs. To do this, consider the conclusions you might jump to and cultivate curiosity about the specific perspectives they have.

  2. Adjust your lens

    Reframe your thinking to take into account generational differences. Get to know different groups’ reference points and how that affects what they expect from agents or brokers. For example, younger generations have grown up with information overload, and might expect an agent to condense and simplify policies for them.

  3. Strengthen trust

    Reinforce your personal connection with clients by generating a greater sense of psychological safety. Also, establish professional credibility by showing clients they can trust you through your actions. For younger generations, sociability and approachability can be valuable—while demonstrating reliability appeals to all generations.

  4. Expand the pie

    Ensure every situation is a win-win—rather than a zerosum game—through collaboration and two-way sharing. This can be enhanced by co-creating mutually beneficial solutions, so that everyone is working toward the same outcomes throughout the process.

Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

Premium clients deserve premium service

A broad suite of products

From fine art masterpieces to watercraft, fine homes to automobiles, we offer a wide range of coverage options for successful families and indivdiuals with more to protect.

Successful client experience

Our clients include many of the world’s most successful families, CEOs, and top art collectors. We are the #1 personal lines insurer for successful families and individuals with over $5B in premium. 

Top-tier agent support and capabilities

With bespoke coverages and international capabilities, plus tools and technologies to help you connect with and service successful clients, we provide the tools you need to offer the gold standard in protection.