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Out of Left Tail

How adequate property and casualty insurance can improve the risk-adjusted return of your ultra-high-net-worth clients' portfolios

Wealth advisors are familiar with the complex financial needs of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals. But a new research report from the Wharton School of Business, commissioned by Chubb, highlights differences in how advisors and their clients evaluate assets and coordinate risk management activities. These differences are particularly true when it comes to tangible assets like property, collections, and other valuables.

Partnering with an experienced property and casualty insurance agent or broker can help you close the gaps in risk management, more precisely evaluate tangible assets and risks, and incorporate risk management strategies into your clients’ balance sheets. In other words, the right insurance can better safeguard your clients’ wealth, help their portfolios achieve greater risk-adjusted returns, and protect against substantial losses from a left-tail event—an infrequent, potentially catastrophic event, such as an accident and accompanying lawsuit.



The Wharton research



Key insights from Wharton



of the ultra-wealthy see tangible assets as part of their wealth. Only 53% of financial advisors consider these assets in the same way.



There’s a 37% gap between UHNW investors who believe tangible assets should be included in their balance sheet and advisors who coordinate with an insurance agent to protect those assets.


of respondents with $50M+ in wealth, and 80% of individuals with $30M+ in wealth would prioritize coverage and service over price.


insurance priority for ultra-wealthy individuals is insurance carrier stability, followed by the ability to handle complex situations.

Protect your clients from left-tail events

Get the research in full or short formats so you can gain the insights to better protect and add value to your UHNW clients. Plus, understand what you should look for in an independent insurance agent or broker who can handle these types of accounts.



Research Report

Explore the full study, including Wharton’s analysis of the findings.


Short Report

Download the short report for an overview of the key insights.


How to Find the Right Agent or Broker

Get the facts you need to select the right property and casualty insurance agent or broker.


Supporting your clients


How to protect your clients’ stories

Access our case studies and the key insights you need to apply Wharton’s research to your client’s portfolio.



The case studies

Explore our insurance case studies to see how this type of coverage can help to preserve your clients’ wealth.

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sharable content

Stories from the left tail

Read the applications of optimized insurance on ultra-high-net-worth individuals — and how they can help protect their assets from left-tail events.


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