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Hub International Midwest Limited (Winter Park)

Our Products & Services

  • Homeowner’s insurance for high-value homes, multiple properties, and coastal properties
  • Personal excess liability to provide financial protection against claims for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage
  • Coverage of valuable articles that takes into account market fluctuations that may affect the protection required
  • Obligations for employers of domestic staff, including risk assessments related to employment practices and workers’ compensation
  • Auto insurance for vehicles, including antique, collector, and recreational cars, as well as motorcycles and motor homes
  • Watercraft insurance for all types and sizes of watercraft, and the risks associated with their operation, including mega-yachts, paid crew vessels, live-aboard vessels, high-performance boats, and wooden hulls
  • Professional liability insurance to protect your office
  • Life Insurance for high net worth individuals has many more benefits than income protection.